Our affiliate program

Also known as an associate program, an affiliate program is an agreement where an online merchant website pays its affiliate site a preset amount of money in return for the latter sending it traffic. After joining us as an affiliate, you would be provided with an array of banners and links to our website, which you can place at agreed upon locations on the web including your own website and social media pages. Any visitor clicking one of these links would get directed to us, and you would effectively be routing traffic our way. We track their activity from that point forward using our affiliate software and get the number of people that perform the desired action, such as buying a product. We make money out of any sale, and you earn a commission based on the turnout you brought us. In you, we also get another voice getting word out about our business and website.

Steps to Becoming an Affiliate


Register with your details supplied via a secure form and channel, then fill in the application form. After you have been approved for our program, you will be provided with a link to us which you can share anywhere on the web.

Promote us

This includes writing about us and placing our bannered ads on your website. It is easily understood that the more you promote us, the more we would pay you.

Get Paid

After having done your part in getting us more traffic, you can get paid for your efforts. We route all payments through secure channels and make sure the proverbial cheques arrive on time.You will be able to request a withdrawal every 30 days, as long as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of $10.

Why choose us ?

Choice of links and ads

We serve you with a selection of pre-made banners which would suit your affiliate style, and not get in the way of whatever it is that you are trying to sell or market.

Program support

You can get in touch with us almost instantly and in a variety of ways. Our affiliate area has all the help and information you will need, and if that does not suffice, we have reps standing by to help you.

Satisfaction from sharing

Turning your friends, family, and extended acquaintances toward us let you introduce them to the best hosting service on the market, and that in itself is bound to make you feel better on some level.

Long Cookie duration

180 days


Commissions Details

For shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers packages, a registered affiliate gets paid a commission for each sale to a party they directed our way.

Earn up to 20% on every 100 USD of profits from the affiliate payout.

Commission calculated on net selling price.

Features of Our Affiliate Program

Quick approval
High commission rate
Fast payout
Multiple payout options
Long Cookie duration

We also help you create your own website if you do not already have one. Our current offer is that you get a 90% discount on web hosting, and after site launch, you can apply for the affiliate program. We would, of course, ask you to write about us and promote our banners, so as to generate leads the same way as many other affiliates do. From our side, we see this part as creating our own affiliates.

Brand Ambassadors

You can be our brand ambassador as there are some benefits of being the same. They are listed below.
  • Get 100 sign-ups and earn $50.
  • Get 200 sign-ups and earn $100.

For the above offer to hold valid, it is required that traffic be sent non-directly to HostSailor. Visitors signing up should be directed via a landing page or web property, which means no direct links are allowed.

If you have questions, Please contact ([email protected])

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