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Are you in the market for a dedicated server? The wide-ranging options out there can get overwhelming. That said, if you have an eye out for quality, affordability, and reliability, then your radar should easily pick up HostSailor’s dedicated servers.

What comes along?

Our dedicated servers come with a 100TB bandwidth, and are what are popularly called 100 TB servers. Having one of these lets you do a lot of things, such as streaming, video uploads, file storage, and CDN. Our product is known for its affordability and high speeds, with the latter going up to 1 Gbps. The servers that we provide are physically based in Romania, with each carrying 20 Gbps DDoS protection. The best part is that you are charged no extra fees or VAT for access to an option that has 99.9% uptime; we guarantee immediate delivery as well.

The Benefits of DDoS Protection

DDoS protection comes as a standard component of most dedicated servers these days, owing to the high commonness of DDoS attacks on the internet. Lacking the right protection, you would be facing the risk of enormous downtime in the event of an attack. This would translate to loss of revenue, as well as a loss in reputation. On the other hand, including DDoS protection in your server package allows for greater security. In the case of what we offer, you get to rebuff DDoS attacks as large as 20 Gbps.


Dedicated Server Hosting
DDoS Protection Benefits

Unexpected issues in the workplace have almost become the norm, so much so that companies buying products and services are constantly watchful of the support and service options that come with. These help tremendously in a lot of cases, such as when you hit a snag while navigating the server. 24/7 support makes it possible to call for assistance no matter what time of day or night it happens to be.

Customization and Control

No business has unchanging needs for long. When buying hosting service, you need to be sure you will get what you specifically want. We work to make sure that our customers get to pick and choose a majority of the important aspect of their service plan, excepting the ones mentioned above, of course. The features we include in our products are also aimed at bringing you complete control over your IP functionality, as well as many other major aspects of the server.
So, if you are in search for a dedicated server that satisfies all these criteria – make sure you pick one of ours.

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