5 Steps To Make Your Ecommerce Store More Trustworthy For Your Customers

Selling your products online isn’t an easy task. Shopping cart abandonment has increased. Most people are afraid of giving away their credit information due to online security threats.Make Your Ecommerce Store More Trustworthy

According to the 2016 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), more than one million web attacks were carried out each day in 2015. Malware, phishing scams and shady websites are making people cautious about shopping online.

So what can you do as an e-commerce business? Build trust of your customers by taking these few simple steps.

1.     Personalization of your website

Websites with no information of who’s running the business receive fewer customers. Remember, people will trust your site if they can identify those behind it.

Add an “About Us” page or a “Team Members” section with photographs and a short description. You may also add a personal touch on other sections or in your email marketing and newsletters. This will grab customer attention more than a formal, bland email.

2.     Professional looking website

Customers believe that if you’re genuine business, you’ll have resources to have a professionally designed website. Make it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Furthermore, add a “Contact Us” page and keep the information up-to-date. Also include a customer service page or one detailing most FAQs. It will make it easier for your customers to learn about returns policy and other similar information.

3.      Show them that they can trust your business

Add customer testimonials and reviews to help build trust. There is a huge difference between you telling them that your products and services are good, and real customers giving positive feedback.

Social media has made it easier with several customers leaving reviews on Facebook pages or through messages and tweets. If nothing else, take screenshots and post them on your website.

4.     Make sure your website is secure!

Customers know they should look for an added ‘s’ after http and the padlock symbols when they visit a website.

An SSL certificate is necessary for an e-commerce site to ensure customer data safety. This makes the transaction safe with a secured checkout.

Most often, a display notice appears to let the customers know about the security certificate. If this isn’t possible for your website, add this information through a popup on the main website or as part of the checkout page.website is secure

5.      Take note of customer’s risks

As a business website, you want to sell more and more products. However, customers worry about getting stuck with something they don’t like when it arrives on their door. They also fear not getting a good deal and delayed shipping.

So, look at your site from a customer’s point-of-view. Add all the necessary information on returns, guarantees and shipping time in the policies or FAQs section.

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