5 Tips for Protecting Your E-Commerce Website from Fraud

From your customers’ credit card information details of their buying behaviors, your e-commerce website has alot of crucial information that makes it attractive to hackers and cyber criminals.Intheonlineworld, you have got to stay protected.Protecting Your E-Commerce Website from Fraud

When it comes to security, you as an e-commerce business have to be on your toes. Any lapses in security can cost you big time.

Here are 5 ways you can keep your e-commerce website protected:

Use a Reliable E-Commerce Platform

There are quite a few online software platforms available. Some of the most trusted e-commerce platforms include Magento,Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Make sure that you thoroughly understand their security guidelines and follow them.What’s more, these e-commerce platforms also take care of security issues behind the scenes.

Get SSL Certificate

Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificate has become a security standard. The certificate makes sure that the connection between a web server and browser is encrypted. This prevents any third-party from infiltrating the connection.

When you acquire SSL certificates, the HTTP in the URL becomes HTTPS. Also, a green padlock appears, signifying website’s security.

Visitors of your website get a sense of security when buying from your platform.

Get PCI DSS Compliance

As an e-commerce website, it is very important that you get PCI DSS-compliant. This will help you protect customers’ credit card information.

What’s more, payment platforms, such as Stripe and Braintree, store credit card information on their platforms. This prevents you from having responsibility of this critical piece of data.

Constantly Update Your Website

You might have a lot on your plate as an online business entrepreneur. Since your website is your ultimate salesman, you need to make sure that it is well-maintained and running with full efficiency.

Make sure that applications and extensions do not have any loopholes. Also, keep the backend software secure and upgraded.

This will make it difficult for hackers to gain entry.

Make Sure Your Employees are Using Strong PasswordsStrong Passwords

Hackers can use a wide variety of letter combinations and gain access to your website through any of your employee’s email accounts.

This is the reason you should encourage your customers to keep stronger passwords. A complex password generator can help.

Moreover, have your employees change their passwords every 6 months.

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