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Cloud hosting works just like a Virtual Private Server. You get dedicated resources and IP for managing your website in cloud hosting just as it is with VPS. Yet the main difference is at where you would have to manage the OS and software, as well as the updates. In VPS, these are done by you and in cloud hosting, such backend processes are usually managed by the hosting provider. The problem with cloud hosting is that you might not get root access to the cloud hosting server or be allowed to upgrade/reinstall the OS, which can be an issue for businesses that need complete control of their website. You can enable Secure Shell access though through the SSH section, just as it is in shared hosting

As the control panel is preinstalled in cloud hosting and the backend is taken care of by the hosting provider, it gives more freedom to you to focus on other aspects. Simply put, cloud hosting can be as straightforward as shared web hosting. Below are some of the main benefits of cloud hosting.

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Better performance and speed: Websites on cloud hosting can perform up to 3 times faster than other conventional hosting methods, but not as fast as dedicated hosting.
Highly scalable: Although cloud hosting processes server requests very quickly, it can be further upgraded as per the growing requirements of the user.
Daily backups: Most of the hosting services providers offer daily backups with cloud hosting by default. This makes sure that there is no risk of data loss in case of a server crash. Backups also make the transfer/restore process seamless.
Dedicated resources: You get your own IP and resources with cloud hosting, which means better security and no risks of disruptions or outages.
Affordability: Even though the OS, backend, and updates are fully managed by the cloud hosting service provider, it is still an affordable option for small scale businesses. Besides, it is also a great choice for those who have little knowledge about managing a server.

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