A Contrast Betwixt Shared Hosting And VPS Hosting

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When you have decided to start a website, you will need to find a hosting service provider who can offer you the server space. However, for many, selecting the website hosting partner can be an intimidating task. If you are not much into technology, it will be difficult to fully understand the technicalities of web hosting. To make the matters worse, there are different types of hosting services available that are made to support different website types. Worry not. Here we will discuss the two most popular types of web hosting types to let you understand them in detail. Read along to know more about shared server hosting and VPS hosting services.

 Shared Vs VPS  

Indeed, shared hosting is an in-expensive option out of both hosting types. As the name alludes, the server space has to be shared with other websites in the case of shared hosting. You will be receiving a set number of resources but will be able to maintain a website without spending much money. On the contrary, in the case of VPS hosting there is more freedom and guaranteed performance. Let us see the differences between these in detail.

 Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting
Dedicated Virtual Partition

In the case of shared hosting, your website will have to share the resources like memory, CPU, and disk space with other websites using the same shared hosting server as yours. It is the cheapest among all types of hosting options. The problem with this hosting option is that your website will have limited bandwidth and can become slow when there is much traffic on the server.

 VPS Hosting 

As far as VPS hosting is concerned, you will have to share a physical server. However, each of the users will get a specified set of resources. This means that the other websites on the server will not affect your website, unlike in the case of shared hosting. In VPS hosting, a dedicated virtual partition is assigned to each user, thereby ensuring the availability of resources.

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