A Quick Look at the Basic VPS Features

VPS Server
Basic VPS Features

VPS server is one of the most preferred web hosting solutions for small-to-mid level businesses. It helps to bridge the gap between the shortcomings of shared server hosting and the high prices and complexity of dedicated server hosting. In other words, a VPS server offers better resources, flexibility, and scalability than shared hosting, while not being as expensive as dedicated hosting. You can even choose what features you want when selecting a VPS plan, which makes it more cost-effective than other web hosting types. Below are some of the basic features that you can get with a VPS server.

Root Access

Root access gives you full control over your hosting account on the VPS server. You can manage the software installations and server configurations via root access. What’s more, all the actions can be managed right from your control panel.

Management and Support

VPS hosting allows you to manage your server on your own as in dedicated hosting. Yet again, there are many VPS hosting providers, which offer 24/7 support and management services to their clients. This makes it simpler for users who do not have much technical expertise in managing a hosting server.

Server Monitoring

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A reliable VPS hosting provider also offers round-the-clock network and server monitoring. This helps to ensure the best security for your server, both at the location and against virtual threats like DDoS attacks, malicious software, and hackers.

Multiple Domain Hosting

You can also host multiple domains on a VPS server. While you can get this option with a few shared hosting services as well, the limited resources and processing power makes it difficult to manage multiple websites. With VPS hosting, you can manage several sites without experiencing any performance issues.

Data Backups

VPS server hosting also offers daily or weekly backups of your website. This may differ from provider to provider or as per their packages. Regardless, regular managed backups can be a great way to secure your site data and retrieve it at any time as needed.

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