Advantages of Linux versus Windows server hosting

linux server hosting

Choosing the right hosting environment is essential to your business. However, most people are not aware of the options available to them.Windows server hosting

For instance, many people think that they can’t use Linux hosting solutions because they run Windows on the desktop. However, this is irrelevant and you definitely have the choice to choose Linux-based hosting. It is possible because remote servers are used for hosting.

While Windows is a household name, most people don’t know much about Linux operating systems. Although there are differences between the two systems, both are equally feasible as hosting environments.

The choice rather depends on your business requirements. Here we list a few benefits of the two systems.

Advantages of Linux server hosting

  • As an open sourced software products, Linux doesn’t have a high licensing fee. In fact, it is free to download and use without any costs payable. This reduces the cost of Linux server packages too, as only the cost of distribution and service is required.
  • It is more reliable and cost-effective, particularly when using PHP, Perl or other similar scripting languages.
  • The databases used are far more flexible, offering optimized communication and reclamation of data.
  • Users have found Linux to be more secure than Windows; it is thus a popular choice among business owners.
  • Your files are easy to convert to the Windows platform, in case you are not satisfied with Linux systems.Linux server hosting

Advantages of Windows server hosting

  • Windows hosting is particularly beneficial for those who require Microsoft’s MSSQL database. If you need this database too, then we recommend choosing one of our Windows hosting packages.
  • A Windows plan is also more reliable if you’re using other Microsoft’s services, such as Microsoft’s Sharepoint services.
  • Access databases can only be obtained through a Windows based plan; these are unavailable on Linux systems.
  • Windows hosting plans are compatible with a number of databases as well as with .Net technologies.

Although you’ll find Linux plans to be more cost-effective, certain system and business requirements need Windows hosting. Make sure you know the systems you’re running or required by your business, so you can make the correct hosting choice.

At HostSailor, we offer unique hosting solutions which can be optimized with your business needs. From shared and VPS hosting to dedicated servers, we offer a great flexibility in terms of storage, speed and costs.

We guarantee high uptime as well as offer managed hosting to further improve your experience! Contact us today for more information.

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