Here are Some Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting

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From setting up a blog to creating an ecommerce website, you need to get some kind of hosting solution.

Windows VPS Hosting
Windows VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting has become a preferred option for many entities. It is provided as a machine that runs its own copy of the Operating System. This ensures that users can have the services of a dedicated server, without the extra costs.

Users generally have three options when it comes to VPS hosting: Windows, Mac or Linux. Although all of them can get the job done, Windows VPS service or server set-ups that employ a Windows interface have some particular advantages.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

More Control over Web Server

Being a popular platform, Windows offers a wide variety of functionality options. Internet Information Services (IIS) is included by default in all windows server installations. This means that you can employ almost all of the common web-based technologies.

When it comes to database connectivity, Windows has many incredible options. From Microsoft-based SQL server to Postgresql, users have many choices.

More Effective Mail Management

Sometimes, users do not like their mails being hosted by a third-party. If that’s the case, Windows VPS can be a good option. Smartermail by Windows is an email management software that helps users manage emails more effectively. Not just that, it can also sync contacts, calendars, etc. from Microsoft Outlook.

Greater Scalability Options

Windows VPS
Windows VPS

As your business expands, you might decide to scale up your hosting plans. With Windows VPS, you have got all kinds of options. From greater data storage capacity to increased bandwidth, you can easily scale up to a more advanced plan without any hassles.   

Better Resource Utilization

There might be instances, such as the holiday season, where you might expect hike in traffic to your website. Windows VPS will allow you to cater to these special circumstances. With advanced features and better resources, it ensures that there are no hassles.


Windows VPS is also very cost-effective. You can choose any of the affordable plans according to your needs. Windows VPS allows you to get prices close to shared hosting, but without the risks and performance issues.

Administration Advantages

Microsoft has had immense experience in providing technology solutions and it knows exactly what its users want. From full update control to in-depth customization, Windows VPS is amazing for IT specialists.

With all of the above advantages and more, we at HostSailor offer KVM Windows VPS solutions.  With a team of extraordinary professionals, we provide a variety of plans for all kinds of businesses.

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