All About HostSailor’s Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a cool way to make money online these days. It basically has you promoting websites or products so that you earn a certain share of what the merchant makes from a sale. Such sales are made through web traffic. The gist of it is that money is made out of a product sale due to its promotion, which you, the affiliate, were responsible for. That is also as far as you need to go – provide a sales or marketing outlet for a specific product or range of products.

This, of course means that affiliate marketing is among the quickest and cheapest ways to be making money online, for the simple reason that there is no product creation or handling involved in it. The only duty an affiliate marketer has is to link the seller with a buyer, and once a sale happens, the former earns his or her commission.

How HostSailor’s Affiliate Program Works

The scene of domain hosting is ripe with possibilities for the prospective affiliate marketer. HostSailor’s affiliate program starts off with custom tracking links and coupon codes which an affiliate can use to acquire signups, after which they receive a commission for every qualifying signup. It is easy as pie selling high-speed hosting to almost any audience, and when this is combined with the admirable feature set that HostSailor brings to the table, sales are almost inevitable.

An affiliate earns money for every new customer they send HostSailor’s way, and via the affiliate link provided to them at the beginning. You could tell your family, friends, and acquaintances about this great hosting service you know which could benefit them in so many ways, and from their decision to sign for a plan, you get to earn a commission. Pretty soon, these earnings start piling up.

Other Things to Know About the Program

    • Is There A Wait After Sign-Up To Get Approved As A HostSailor Affiliate?

No, there is not. The process is instantaneous, in that the person just needs to activate their affiliate status from their WHMCS panel, which they can do right after they sign up with us.

    • What Payout Methods Does HostSailor use?

HostSailor uses an array of payout avenues, out of which an affiliate can pick the one they like or need. Mainly, we offer payment through Paypal, Skrill, Credit Balance, Perfect Money, and a number of other gateways.

    • How Would You Find The Affiliate Link To Share?

HostSailor puts this up in the WHMCS panel client area, which you would be able to access right after signing up, and hitting “Affiliates” button. The referral link you would get is unique to you and is the means by which we know a sale or visit was routed to us from your side.

    • What Form Of Assistance Can You Expect?

As our affiliate, you would have access to the experience and expertise of specialists who can help you with all things related to our affiliate program.

    • Are You Charged Anything To Join, Or Afterwards?

In one word, no. There is simply no cost to being a HostSailor affiliate, only the potential of earnings corresponding to every completed sale you direct our way.

If you wanted to join HostSailor’s affiliates program, Please click here.

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