Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

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Picking a hosting solution is an important part of conducting your business online. The hosting solution you opt for will have massive ramifications for your business, your clientele and your brand image. Therefore, if you make the wrong decision you won’t only drive potential customers away, but you will also leave your online store exposed to cyber-attacks!

Speed is a critical factor in client conversion and customer (and visitor) retention. In fact, if numbers posted by and are considered, then a one second delay in the loading time of a web page can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions! Furthermore, 79% of the people who aren’t satisfied by a website’s speed and performance are not likely to return in the future.

Therefore, speed should be your top priority when it comes to choosing a hosting company. This is the primary reason why dedicated hosting is the preferred solution for businesses that rely heavily on their web presence.

Considerations When Selecting a Dedicated Hosting Service

There are a few considerations that should be top-of-mind when it comes to selecting a hosting solution: Uptime Rates, Security, Backup Services.


As the name suggests, uptime rates refer to the amount of time your website will remain active. Surely, there is no point of digital marketing when the website is down or slow.

The last thing you would want is your potential customer visiting your site and finding a blank screen.

The uptime rate offered by any hosting company should be at least 99 percent. Anything less should raise a red flag.


When browsing online, security is a major concern for users. With cyber-crimes rising with ever-increasing rates, your website’s security features will be a crucial factor.

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From passwords to credit card details, your hosting company must provide services to ensure complete protection. PCI compliance and SSL certificates are some of the security aspects that a company should offer.

Content Backup

The hosting company you choose should provide reliable content backup. This is important as the changing nature of SEO demands you to change content frequently and you might accidentally delete content.

For such mishaps, you need to be sure that all your content is safe and backed up. Take time out to learn more about their disaster recovery plan.

With a team of tech enthusiasts, we at HostSailor provide all of the above hosting features and more. From a comprehensive managed dedicated server to VPS hosting, we have got all the hosting options in our repertoire.

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