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Best dedicated server hosting canada


Best dedicated server hosting canada | Good options
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Web hosting is not just about finding a server capable of hosting your website, but it’s about finding a reliable vendor that can provide you with high-quality features to support one of the most valuable assets of your business. At, we believe in the uniqueness of every business and every customer’s inquiry. Contact us today for the best dedicated server hosting.


What is Dedicated Server? 

In all web hosting models, websites should be hosted by a server which is provided by a web hosting provider. However, to decrease costs, websites with relatively low traffic like small businesses tend to share the server which obviously results in sharing all the resources used by the server as well. While sharing servers is cost-effective for small businesses, the behaviour of one website in terms of increased traffic or security breaches can easily affect all the other participating websites.

With dedicated servers, the story is a bit different, as a whole server with its own resources is completely dedicated to a specific website. Dedicated servers are likely to be used by large organizations and businesses as having a dedicated server guarantees enhanced performance, ultimate levels of security, more flexibility and user control.

Characteristics of the best dedicated server hosting:

There are a few things that you need to look for when you start the journey of searching for the best dedicated server hosting Canada : 

Tech Support:

Strong tech support that you can count on is a very important aspect when looking for the best domain hosting Canada. ِAt hostsailor, our objective is to provide each customer with a unique personalized customer service experience. Therefore, our Tech Support team is available 24/7 to happily assist in case you have any enquiries.


Achieving the ultimate balance between costs and benefits is the aim of any business owner. That’s why we provide our server hosting Canada services with very suitable pricing options which can fit all needs. We also do have special offers and coupons all year round.  


Does the dedicated server have to be located in Canada?

The dedicated server can be anywhere in the world. As long as there is a reliable connection, speed and hosting provider like hostsailor, there is no need to worry about your server’s location.


Clients List and Reviews:

Client reviews are one of the most crucial features when you are looking to purchase any service. It gives you some insights into how professional and reliable the service provider is. At hotsailor, we aim to make sure that every single customer is satisfied with our products and after-sale services. 


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