Buy Hosting with Bitcoin

Buy Hosting with Bitcoin

The cost of doing business is rising sharply worldwide.  For multi-national organizations, the cost of currency conversion has also increased, sometimes dramatically. For IT, the cost of buying domain names and paying for Webhosting has increased, sometimes dramatically as currencies fluctuate.

Businesses are looking for ways to contain these costs and using cyber currencies like Bitcoin is one way of doing that.   Simply put, if a vendor accepts Bitcoin payment, the need for currency exchange is removed, together with the associated conversion costs and clearance delays.


Hosting with Bitcoin


There are several reasons for using managed service providers such as HostSailor to host websites and other elements of IT infrastructure.

Organizations affected by the pandemic need to upgrade or establish an online presence while they continue with business as usual on their existing platform. Social Media and websites offer activists the opportunity to promote their cause, but they don’t have the means or opportunity to set up their own infrastructure.  Sometimes the activists need to remain anonymous.

In all cases, payment using Bitcoin can reduce operational costs, and if needed, cover their tracks.

HostSailor offers Bitcoin and other cybercurrencies as a payment option through our payment partner Cybergate for all our platform options.

The four principal reasons for using Bitcoin are:

  • Buying a Domain;
  • Buying Web Hosting;
  • Buying VPS Hosting; and
  • Buying Dedicated Hosting.

HostSailor offers Bitcoin payment for all these options.


Buying a Domain with Bitcoin


A business needs to establish a web presence with a domain name that reflects their business, for example,  the Acme Corporation will want

To do that they need to buy and register the domain  The purchase can also include sub-domains reflecting different business needs, such as, and similar sub-domains.

It is also prudent when registering and implementing the domain to ensure that the server hosting the domain has high security with an https prefix.  This is achieved by installing an SSL/TLS certificate.  Many common browsers like Edge and Chrome are flagging sites with no or an invalid SSL/TLS certificate as insecure and blocking access to the site.

Again HostSailor can help with both the domain registration and payment in Bitcoin.


Buying Web Hosting with Bitcoin


All Web Hosting platforms with HostSailor come with several guarantees:

  • A 99.9% Uptime guarantee. This means your website is always online;
  • World-Class 24/7 Technical Support. Our multi-lingual highly skilled technical support team is always available.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee. If your web server is down, you have our guarantee. Obviously,  conditions apply, but you won’t find a similar offer anywhere else.

Withing the overall Web Hosting umbrella, we offer three types of hosting, shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting.  The hosting platforms come with the option to have SSD as the storage medium to provide fast storage.


Buy Shared Hosting with Bitcoin


Shared hosting, as the name suggests, is where several clients share a server.  As a result, it is a very affordable solution, particularly for smaller businesses or single users.   Shared Hosting includes an SSD option and many software options.  The servers are hosted in Romania or the Netherlands.  Once more payment in Bitcoin is available.


Buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin

VPS hosting is a more secure version of shared hosting.  Again, several clients share virtual servers on a single server platform, each looking to the client as if it were hosted on its own physical server.   As a result, VPS Hosting is more secure than shared server hosting and is more suited to small to medium-sized businesses, especially those with an online presence.  Bitcoin payment is available.


Buy Dedicated Hosting with Bitcoin


Dedicated Servers are our top-of-the-range solution for businesses needing the complete security or processing power of a dedicated server.  Our servers are housed in Romania and the Netherlands.  An option in the Netherlands is an eco-friendly data centre.   Once more, payment can be made in Bitcoin.


Payment in Bitcoin


There are many advantages, especially for cross-border transactions:

  • Bitcoin transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world are instantaneous. You can make them at any time without permission or the restrictions and delays imposed by currency regulations or financial institutions.
  • There are no intermediaries in the payment chain. This means much lower transaction costs.
  • By exposing your personal or bank account details in a conventional payment transaction, you are potentially losing anonymity. No paperwork and no personal information is required for a Bitcoin transaction, just a transfer of Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet to the recipient’s wallet.
  • It is virtually impossible to extract personal information from a Bitcoin transaction.

In short, paying by Bitcoin is a faster, cheaper and more secure method of making payments.

HostSailor is included in a list of the top 7 managed service providers that accept Bitcoin.

If you have any questions or just want an informal chat, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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