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SSL Certificate Benefits

SSL or Secure Socket Layer, is a protocol for handling the interactions between a web server and a web browser. Its purpose is to secure confidential information such as logins, passwords, credit card numbers and PINs through encryption. SSL is widely used by banks and online businesses to keep their websites secured.

All major websites that handle confidential information ensure secure connections through SSL. Secured websites (HTTPS) offer the same functionality as unsecured websites (HTTP) but offer advanced security.

When is it Important?

The use of SSL certificates is important whenever confidential information is to be processed through the server. For example, if you are an online merchant and sell products or services directly to customers through credit card payments, securing your website through SSL will benefit you greatly.

This will make your customers feel secure and confident while accessing and making purchases through your website. Most online shoppers tend to avoid unsecured websites when it comes to shopping with their credit card.

Who Needs It?

Ideally, any business website that processes transactions needs to be SSL certified. SSL certification is kept in high regard by customers as it provides them with confidence and satisfaction. Any individual looking to purchase a particular product will gladly pay a higher price at a secured website rather than purchasing cheap from an unsecured one.

This means that every online business or even a traditional business that sells through its website must acquire SSL certification. Since it makes customers secure, it can increase your online sales exponentially.

Similarly, any business that requires its visitors to sign up using an email address, user name and password should also consider acquiring SSL certification. This information is also confidential and sensitive for many people and seeing SSL’s certification logo only makes them more confident in their choice. In other words, this will ensure that more people sign up to the website.

On the other hand, websites that exist to provide information only, do not need SSL Certificate. This is because there is no confidential information that needs to be encrypted and protected.

What is the purpose of SSL certificates?

This is an important question for anyone using the internet to understand. Standard Socket Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology that is the backbone of secure internet. It helps protect the flow of sensitive information as it travels around the globe.

The primary reason why SSL certificates are used is to encrypt information so that it can only be understood by the recipient. As almost all online data passes from computer to computer, any information in between – like credit card numbers and contact details – could be breached if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. The security layer makes all information unreadable to hackers, consequently protecting you and your information.

Here are a few more reasons why we advise you to get in touch with us for affordable SSL certificates today:


Along with encryption, a SSL certificate also provides authentication. A website with a proper SSL certificate means it has passed identity checks under the supervision of SSL certificate providers. This is important because hackers can imitate any website, impersonating someone, attempting to trick you into sending them your personal information. The only way this can be avoided is by using SSL certificates on websites, particularly those that are involved in ecommerce.

Protection from Phishing

SSL Certificates

A phishing email is one that is sent by a hacker who tries to impersonate a website. The email is usually linked to their own website; however, the domain name could be similar to one you wanted to visit. However, these mimicked websites are not perfect. When you do visit websites like ones for online banking, look for a green address bar or other trust indicators to identify that SSL certificates are in place.

Necessary for Accepting Payments

According to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards, an online business needs an SSL certificate with at least 128-bit encryption to accept payments. PCI standards also verify that the certificate is from a trusted source, provides a private connection and uses the right level of encryption. Without an SSL certificate that meets these standards, a website won’t be able to take credit card payments.

From a marketer’s perspective, SSL certificates add more power to brands in the form of security, reliability and credibility.  If you are looking for affordable SSL certificates, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help make your website more secure.

How SSL Certificates Work

SSL certificates are an important aspect of the data encryption process. They provide security to the internet transactions that are carried out. These are digital passports that offer authentication and protect the confidentiality and integrity of customer information.

When a customer initiates a session with a website, SSL certificates secure those sessions via the secure socket layer protocol. Without an SSL certificate, this security cannot be provided as it does not contain a cryptographic key. If you’re running an ecommerce website, it is essential for you to have an SSL certificate to ensure safety of the transactions carried out on your website.

When a customer enters a website URL, the browser connects to the website and then it requests identity from the web server. The web server then sends a copy of SSL certificate to the browser.  The browser or the server investigates the certificate to see if it can be trusted or not. If it is trusted, a message is sent to the web server.

The web server then sends back an acknowledgment that is digitally signed to initiate a session that is SSL encrypted. The web server and the browser share this encrypted data, which then allows the customer to start a secure session with the website.

SSL certificates help build trust with your customers and increases your company’s reliability. In addition to this, these certificates also help in obtaining stronger Google rankings.

Myths About SSL Certificates

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    SSL Certificate Myths

    SSL security is only for organizations that operate in highly regulated industries: This is not true. If you run a business that deals with data—sensitive or not—you should protect it with a SSL certificate. Because for any business, data is important.

  • An SSL secured website takes ages to load: No, it does not. In fact, no documented evidence exists for it. Yes, the server processor handles additional work where it encrypts the data in transit, the encryption does not produce any noticeable effect on a website’s loading or navigation speed.
  • SSL helps secure data at all points of interaction: The debunking of this myth holds the answer to the statement presented earlier. SSL only helps to protect data in transit—the active data that is being sent from one location to another. Any data that is at rest, like the one stored in a server or on a hard-disk cannot be SSL encrypted.
  • Expensive SSL certificates provide high level of security: Again, not true. All SSL certificates have to comply with a 256-bit encryption standard, and therefore, from cheap SSL certificates to the expensive ones – they all offer same level of security.
  • SSL Certificates are a Costly Investment: No, they are not. You can find SSL certificates that are available at budget prices. It’s all about which SSL certificate service provider you choose.SSL is a secure technology and one that can help to protect your sensitive and non-sensitive data in transit. Use them with absolute confidence—there is a reason Google endorses it and large organizations deploy it.
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