How Can VPS Hosting Help You Land More Sales?

Improved Performance
VPS Hosting

Virtual Private server hosting, also known as VPS hosting, is essentially meeting halfway between a dedicated server hosting and a shared server hosting. Dedicated server hosting focuses solely on the needs of a single user. With VPS, the primary dedicated machine has several logical partitions, each assigned for the use of a specific user only. Every VPS hosting has its own operating system and its own resources which enable it to function as a complete server.

In Shared hosting, a server is managed by a web hosting company and various people share that server’s resources. The shared server is cheaper as managing costs are less; costs are also shared between every user. Obviously, it has significant drawbacks when compared to Dedicated and VPS hosting.

Let’s see what VPS hosting brings to the table.

Full Control

VPS Hosting is beneficial to the user as it provides complete access and control. The configuration of the system becomes easier and users can install any software they want without any restrictions. The performance level of the server can be tweaked and 3rd party scripts can also be installed. A shared hosting does not provide such level of control over the server.

Improved Performance

Dedicated Server Hosting
Reliability and Security

In a shared hosting, users have to share their resources. This lowers the hosting performance level. VPS Hosting offers better performance as there is no sharing involved and resources are individualized. The hosted sites are powered individually. The website runs smoother and faster with VPS hosting.

Reliability and Security

VPS hosting is safer as it is possible to install firewalls. On a shared server, hosted sites are at a significantly higher security risk. This risk is completely eliminated on VPS hosting service. It allows a user to test their codes and filter traffic, protecting the website against cyber attacks and viruses. The increased level of security adds credibility to the website, ultimately translating to higher sales.


For small and medium scale e-commerce sites which need a lot of resources but are on a tight budget, VPS hosting is the most cost-effective option available. The VPS hosting has resources which match a dedicated server.
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