A Checklist Of Things To Do While Starting A Business Website 

starting a business website

Checklist To Follow When Starting A Business Website

Launching a website is an important milestone for every business. This is especially true in the case of businesses building their website for the first time. So, what are the important points in starting a business website that can engage visitors consistently in this era of short attention spans? Is it an attractive layout, new features, and functionalities, or catchy content? As per the experts in web hosting services, it is a mix of all three.

A website is more or less similar to an iceberg. The visitors of the website only have access to a mere tip of the content. Much more happens below the surface, out of sight of the users. Things happening behind the scenes is very much important to ensure that the website functions smoothly.

While starting a business website, making a checklist can help you stay on track. The list will ensure that no important aspects of starting a business website has been missed out. What are the things to be added to the checklist to have a user-friendly website that the visitors will find attractive? Read along to know.

Starting A Business Website? First Choose The Domain Name

domain name

The domain name of a site will be its identity over the internet. It is like the address of a house and you should give it some thought while choosing a domain name. This is because after fixing a domain name, you won’t be able to change it. Changing the domain name of your website means that it will be considered a new website and this can confuse the existing users of your site.

The following tips can be helpful while choosing your domain name.

Find a short domain name: This is important as users can find it difficult to remember long domain names. In addition, there can be typographic errors that can divert people away from your business site.

Match domain name to your business name: It can be disconcerting to visitors if the domain name does not match the name of your company. It can confuse and can negatively affect your brand awareness.

Choose a name indicating what your business does. A well though domain name can bring in more visitors to your website.
Avoid the use of hyphens in the domain name as it can confuse the users.
Make sure not to change spellings unless done to match the name of your business.
If you find that the domain name of your choice is available, immediately buy it, else some others may buy it.

Select Your Web Host Before Starting A Business Website

The choice of web hosting provider can also affect the way your business website performs. If the web hosting service provider of your choice is offering sub-standard service, it can negatively affect the usability and performance of your site. People will not prefer using a website that goes down frequently or does not perform well.

Studies show that 53% of the users will not stay back if a website does not load in three minutes. Therefore, you need to check the performance of a hosting service provider before signing on. Going through the user reviews can help make an idea of what to expect from the provider.

Choose The Plan

After selecting a web hosting provider, you need to select the web hosting plan that is suitable for your business website. There are a wide selection of offering and plans, and you may start with the cheapest plan if you are looking to test the waters. However, it is recommended by experts to go for a medium-sized plan. One that does not cost much and ensures the best value for your money.

Once your website starts to grow, you may upgrade to higher plans. For new websites, shared hosting can be a very good option. It offers many benefits and features for a business website with basic hosting needs. Additionally, it can also be considered an affordable solution.

Design A Good Business Site

Design and development are important steps in making a business website. In this stage, you can decide how your site looks. You can let the developers know your specifications and they will take care of the remaining things. After the site is made, tested and ready to be launched, your work starts. The decisions that you make at this phase will have a great impact on the way your site fares over time.

Optimize The Website

optimizing website

Your business website will perform better when it is optimized efficiently. Make sure to remove unused and unwanted codes, compress the images on the site and minify the scripts. You can find many tools online that can compress your images and minify scripts for free. Also, use caching to cut down the load on your hosting server. You can also deploy a Content Delivery Network to improve the page load speeds of your website. These optimization steps can also improve the SEO score of your business website.

Get Necessary Add-Ons

Add-ons can ensure the security of your business website and can offer functionality.

Use a security suite to protect your website.
To back up the site data automatically, use an add-on like CodeGuard.
To ensure the security of your business website against hacks and to earn a seal trust, get an SSL certificate
You can also invest in Business Email Hosting to have a credible communication medium.

Announce To The World

Now your website is ready to be launched. Nonetheless, before the launch, build up interest in your website. Make use of social media to let the world know about your business website before its launch. This can ensure that the world looks forward to the launch of your site.

Starting A Business Website – EndNote

You can follow the above checklist for starting a business website without any hurdles and without wasting any time in between the various steps. You can get in touch with our professionals to know more about starting a business website the different web hosting categories available for businesses of different sizes, and other details regarding web hosting services.

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