Different Types Of Hosting – How To Choose One?

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How To Choose One From Various Hosting Types?

There are different types of web hosting out there. VPS, OpenVZ, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, SSD hosting, etc are some most popular ones.  These types of hosting services differ in many ways and there are various factors that one should know before they decide on one. The hosting needs of individuals and businesses differ, so with the size of the business and their area of business. Bandwidth, performance, budget, speed, reliability, customer support, downtime, customization, security – all these are important factors that all users should consider before they decide on a type of hosting they need.

web hosting typesHere, in this article, we try to explain the differences between dedicated and virtual private server hosting based on a few criteria. Read along to understand the contrasts between the two. We hope you get a better idea to decide on one with this.

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What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Hosting?

Resource Allocation 

In the case of VPS hosting, you will be sharing the resources with many other users. You will have less control over the server and will work for you if you don’t expect a big amount of users to visit your website at a time. When compared to dedicated hosting, VPS comes at an affordable price too.

On the flip side, dedicated hosting allows you have resources that are customized to your site. You need not share the resources with other users and naturally, you will need to pay more for the resources. Dedicated hosting can be the best option for users with high-traffic websites as these websites will need more resources to ensure speed and uptime. So, if you expect your website to get high traffic, and if you have a good budget, dedicated hosting will serve your needs.


In the case of all types of hosting, good performance is measured by looking at how fast your site loads and runs for visitors. As dedicated hosting offers you more resources, your site will be able to easily tackle traffic surges and load quickly. VPS hosting can also offer good loading speeds, but it can be dependent on other websites on the server. If more than one site on the server experiences a traffic spike, it can affect the performance of your website. So, think about the traffic to your site and do think about how a performance drop will affect your business.


Scalability refers to the degree to which your web hosting can grow with your site. VPS hosting offers you chances to increase the server space and resources, but this will never be equal to dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, you will have all the resources you could ask for your website. This means that, with dedicated hosting, there will be no room left for you to scale. Therefore, VPS hosting can be the best option for websites that require a hosting plan that sits in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Customization And Configuration 

Dedicated and VPS hosting offers both managed and unmanaged hosting plans. Unmanaged plans can be more suitable for users who have the technical know-how to manage their hosting servers. Maybe, it is more suitable for businesses with a good technical team who have expertise in server management and all. Unsurprisingly, most people opt for managed plans, even though these plans are a bit more expensive than unmanaged plans. About customization, both these hosting plans allow users to adapt the resources monthly. Though, VPS hosting may have a slight edge, as you can borrow server resources from other websites if your site exceeds the monthly limits.


As you expect, dedicated hosting is pricier than VPS hosting. With dedicated hosting, you get the best level ofhosting servers hosting available and it comes for a price. In the case of VPS hosting, you can have a range of prices and different tiers that let you have access to various levels of resource limits. If you are in search of a flexible hosting plan that can offer you a decent level of performance and greater resources, then VPS hosting can be the best choice for you. There are various VPS hosting plans that you can choose from on our website.


When security is taken into account, dedicated hosting can prove to be more secure than VPS hosting. VPS hosting is equivalent to living in a block of flats. Whereas dedicated hosting is compared to living in your own home. If someone leaves the entrance to the building open, you can be at risk. Likewise, all the sites on the server can be affected, if another website on the VPS server has a security breach. Dedicated hosting is more like owning your property, meaning that your website cannot be put in danger of attack by the vulnerabilities of other websites. In the case of any website, its security is important to make its users feel secure about using the website.

Here is a final note. With dedicated hosting, your site can have massive resource limits and can be more suitable for enterprise-level business websites. On the other hand, VPS hosting offers flexible resource limits and sits at a middle ground between shared server hosting and dedicated hosting.

We hope you now have an idea about the factors you need to consider before you choose a type of hosting. There are more articles on our blog which might help you know better about other hosting types as well.

Are you still confused about choosing one that suits your requirements? Kindly contact our sales team via chat or via email and they will guide you with selecting the best hosting.

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