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Choosing a cheap VPS hosting for gaming involves considering many things. To start, you will need to check the guidelines of the game about the server resources required. This may include the RAM and storage space requirements too, which will ensure that the game runs well for the expected number of players. You will also need a high-latency network to run multiplayer games smoothly. Remember that additional gaming modules and expansion packs can affect the RAM and storage space. Therefore, make your decisions based on that as well. Below is a quick guide to choosing the best server for gaming.

Cheap VPS

Most of the affordable VPS plans will allocate very low processing power and RAM. This may not be enough for running a high-quality game. Generally, a cheap VPS will provide 1GB or less RAM, while most of the multiplayer games need at least 2GB RAM to perform well. Still, you may choose a low-priced VPS server for simple games that do not need much system resources.

High-Powered VPS

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Top-end VPS offers sufficient resources to host multiplayer games. Frequently termed as hybrid servers, such VPS plans provide from 2GB to 8GB RAM and great storage space options for the best multiplayer gaming experience. At the same time, such VPS packages are less expensive than going for a dedicated server to host the game. You can choose from Linux VPS or Windows VPS as per your needs.

Dedicated Servers

These are the best for multiplayer gaming. Dedicated servers give you all the resources, RAM, and processing power that you need for ideal game performance. You can choose a moderately powerful machine for classic multiplayer games or go for a top-tier dedicated server for the high-end gaming experience. These can manage hundreds of users without affecting the performance of the game. The only drawback is that dedicated servers can be very expensive depending upon the features you want.

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