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Choosing a hosting plan can be quite confusing these days with the availability of a myriad of options. Yet if you have decided that you are going with Windows VPS servers hosting, then you may want to keep an eye on the below features to ensure that you are making the right choice.


VPS Windows hosting plans offer unmatched compatibility for Windows-based programs and Microsoft software products like ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Visual Basic Development, Microsoft SharePoint, etc. If you rely on any of these tools, then choosing Windows VPS servers hosting will allow you to seamlessly integrate everything for your intended purposes. Similarly, you should also check for compatibility with the CMS and website tools that you prefer.


While VPS Windows hosting is not considered as stable as Linux server hosting is, choosing the right hosting provider can ensure that your website works consistently and does not experience any major downtime. Windows cloud servers can even promise your 100% uptime while others deliver above 99.9% uptime, which can be ideal for websites that have low to medium traffic.


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You should prioritize website security when choosing Windows VPS servers hosting because it is generally seen that Windows hosting may have more vulnerabilities than Linux hosting. Again, choosing a reliable hosting provider that employs the right tools and security features such as firewalls and SSL certificates to safeguard your website and data can help to ensure that your website remains protected from hackers.


You may have an in-house IT team to manage the Windows hosting server and your website, but you cannot know when you may need some additional support to run an update or maintenance of the server space. Ensuring that your hosting provider offers round-the-clock customer support services will allow you to contact the experts in case of any emergency and have the website up and running in no time.

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