Comparing Free VPS vs. Paid VPS

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VPS serves as the best platform to host a website today, be it a business site or a tech-savvy blog. VPS hosting gives you more resources than Shared Hosting, which ensures you better website performance and uptime. Apparently, this can be very beneficial for growing websites, which is why they always look for cheap VPS hosting plans.

It is possible to get free VPS hosting as well, but there could be many catches to that. Below is a quick comparison of free VPS and paid VPS options, which will help to shed more light on this.

Free VPS vs. Paid VPS

Pricing is the obvious difference between the two. However, you may need to dig deeper to find a reliable free VPS hosting plan. That is because free hosting often involves a risk of the hosting service provider collecting your information and selling it to others for profits. Some of the major companies do offer secure and reliable free VPS hosting, but it will be for a limited period to test their services. You may end up paying a lot more in those cases after the free trial than what you would need to spend on a cheap VPS hosting.

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Another main difference between free and paid VPS is the features and resources you get in the plan. Most of the free VPS plans will offer you limited resources and storage options. This can take a toll on the performance and loading speeds of your website and lead to potential revenue loss. In the case of paid VPS hosting, you can scale the resources and features as per your needs and budget.

You can also host multiple domains with a good paid VPS plan, which is never an option in free VPS. Some paid cheap VPS hosting plans even allow you to create multiple email accounts and allocate the resources for each site as required. Besides, you also get reliable backup options with paid VPS to secure your website data.

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