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There are two types of storage devices, which you can choose from when signing up for a free Windows VPS account – HDD and SSD. Both of these are the basic units that will help you with all kinds of computing tasks. Below is a quick look at the two, so that you can choose the best one for your needs.


HDD or Hard Disk Drive is the traditional method of data storage, which uses platters and magnetic functions to store data. This can be termed as plain raw storage, and is used to store large amounts of data for a low price. The platters inside the hard disk move very rapidly and the data is read from the axis.


SSD or Solid State Drive is the relatively modern method of data storage. It uses microchips to store data instead of platters. As SSD has fewer mechanical parts, it works faster to read and write data in comparison to HDD. Besides, there is less risk of damages too because of the use of microchips instead of platters.

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Choosing between HDD and SSD for your free Windows VPS plan should be based on your specific requirements. HDD can offer you an amazing price for more data storage capabilities, while SSD can be more reliable in terms of faster and more efficient performance. SSD uses semiconductor chips that work at around 30 to 100 microseconds for data transfer. At the same time, HDD takes 5,000 to 10,000 microseconds to read/write data.

The boot time of Windows SSD is around 10 seconds on average, whereas that of HDD is 40 seconds. This means that HDD can be slower when compared to SSD. However, if the price is your prime concern, then HDD can be more cost-effective than SSD. Still, you may need to defragment HDD to make sure that it works perfectly.

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