Dedicated server hosting meaning- Is the dedicated worth it!

Dedicated server hosting meaning

Dedicated servers are one of the most important assets of enterprises and heavy-traffic websites. That’s why in this article we will discuss dedicated server hosting meaning, its benefits, Is the dedicated worth it and why you would need to hire one.

Dedicated server hosting meaning- Is the dedicated worth it!
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Dedicated server hosting meaning :

In order to understand the dedicated server hosting meaning,  you have to know what are the different types of web hosting and what distinguishes the dedicated server from the other ones.

When you start your website, you have to get what is called “web hosting” which is basically a way to store all your website data and make it accessible to visitors on the internet when needed.


Most of the small to medium websites use shared hosting, in other words, they share the web hosting resources with each other which can clearly reflect on the service price making it one of the most economic web hosting options.

However, when it comes to large organizations, enterprises and websites with very high traffic, sharing hosting servers doesn’t become an option and that’s when they use dedicated servers. Dedicated server hosting meaning is that the server is being used by one single client only. This also means that all the server’s resources are utilized by one website only which can reflect in a positive way on the website’s performance, security and user control.

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Who needs dedicated servers?


  • High-traffic websites:

 All websites with very high traffic volumes should get dedicated servers. This can include large businesses, organizations and even media-rich blogs which get more than one million visits per month. Using a dedicated server can guarantee a good user experience while surfing the website without being affected by other websites sharing the server’s resources. 

  • Online stores:

 If you have an online store, you need to make sure that all your customer’s data is being kept safe to maintain the credibility of your business. With dedicated servers you have all the control you need over the security of the data stored, you also get the authority to use all the CPU resources for data mining which is one of any business success keys.

  • Gaming Servers: 

Dedicated servers can be used by gamers to host specific gaming worlds as they wish to play them. Using dedicated servers guarantees that all the CPU and RAM resources are being utilized solely by the game which reflects on how well and smoothly the game is running without any lags.

  • Web hosting providers:

 ٍSmall web hosting providers can hire dedicated servers and use them to offer web hosting to small and medium sizes websites which don’t have much traffic or wouldn’t be affected much by sharing the server.

  • Growing businesses:

 If you have an online business, you need to make sure that your website has the ability to cope with the continuous growth of your business. Things like data storage, user experience and the security of your client’s information will not be at their optimal level if you are sharing a server with other websites. That’s why you need to use a dedicated server to have better control over your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Dedicated Servers?



What Are The Benefits Of Having Dedicated Servers?
Dedicated Servers


  • Control: 

You get to have control over every single detail of your server. The actual dedicated server hosting meaning lies in the ability to configure everything from installing the software you want to allocate resources to the functions you actually need and, of course, choosing the security features you desire.   

  • Security: 

Having a dedicated server allows you to have full control over the security features you wish to use on your website. Optimizing the security features to meet your business needs lets you protect confidential information such as; customers’ email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses and credit card information.

  • Performance: 

In Shared hosting, your website is one of many websites which compete for the same resources. You don’t actually see that or you wouldn’t even feel like it’s affecting you if you have a relatively small website with low traffic. However, if one of those websites suddenly gets high traffic or gets affected by the hacking, your website will be at imminent risk. Having a dedicated server protects you from factors affecting other websites.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

When your website is on shared hosting, it gets affected by the behaviour of the other websites sharing the server. In other words, if the other websites are overusing the server’s resources due to increased traffic, your website’s responsiveness and loading time will be drastically affected which may increase the bounce rate on your site. All those factors will have a dramatic effect on how the search engines see your website and will change your ranking on search pages.

What to look for while searching for a dedicated server?

  • Scalability:

 When you start an online business, you need to make sure that you have the capability to upgrade your assets (website)  to meet your growing business needs over time. The user control in the dedicated server hosting meaning is truly incredible when it comes to easily upgrading your server. However, you have to make sure that your hosting provider has sufficient experience and knowledge to smoothly do the upgrading process.

  • Security:

 Having a reliable security system is not only about protecting your data but it’s more about protecting your client’s confidential information from any data breach that can happen. That’s why you need to know that your dedicated server hosting provider can help you set up the required security features which satisfy your business needs.

  • Reviews: 

Knowing about the experience of previous or current clients of the dedicated hosting provider after they hired their services is very important when it comes to leasing a dedicated server, especially if you are using it for your business. This will help you get some insights about how helpful the after-sale service is and whether you will need to pay any extra money in the future to be able to use more enhanced features.

  • Storage capacity: 

One of the main benefits of dedicated server hosting meaning lies in the fact that you will not be having any problems when it comes to storage capacity. Whether you are using your dedicated server for your blog, business or even for gaming, you need to make sure that the storage capacity your hosting provider is giving you is enough.

  • Technical support: 

Tech support is very important when it comes to choosing your dedicated server hosting provider because you don’t want your business to be affected at any time during the day by any technical issues which can make you eventually lose money. You need to make sure that you have access to a highly responsive experienced technical support team which is willing to assist you  24/7.



Eventually, hiring dedicated server hosting can efficiently contribute in solving many problems that you previously had with other web hosting models. All you need to do now is to choose a reliable hosting provider and a plan that satisfies your goals.

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