Different Categorizations Of SSL Certificates Based On Validation Level

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A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is very important to ensure the safety of your website against cyberattacks. For hosting your website, you are free to choose the best dedicated hosting or shared hosting provider. However, selecting the right SSL certificate for your web hosting is challenging. There are many different types of SSL certificates that you should know about to make an informed decision about the same. These SSL certificates mainly depend on two different criteria, the Number of Domains and the Validation level. Let us look into the details of SSL certificates by Validation Level.

SSL Certificates By Validation Level 

Organizational Validation SSL Certificate 

Organizational validation is a medium level of validation and is suitable if you have a public-facing or commercial website representing companies and organizations. The certifying authority verifies your domain as well as the basic company details like name and address and once the verification is completed, you will get the certificate in a few days.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate 

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Domain validation is the lowest level of validation and is suitable if you run a blog or an informational website. It is also suitable for non-product selling small businesses. To get the certificate, you just need to substantiate the possessor ship of the domain. The process is fast and affordable and all you need to do is to respond to an email message or an automated phone call from the certifying authority.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate 

Extended validation is the highest level of validation and can be the most trustworthy security assurance for your prospective buyers. An extended validation SSL certificate is a must if you run an e-commerce website, own a large business, or a financial transaction website like online banking. The certifying authority will perform a complete background check of your business before issuing an extended validation SSL certificate.

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