Does the Location Matter When Choosing the Cheapest VPS?

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VPS offers a host of benefits to business owners looking to employ digital channels for promoting their brand. Even the cheapest VPS hosting provides the added benefits of scalability, superior security, and faster speeds that you cannot expect from shared server hosting.

The numbers of VPS managed and unmanaged providers have grown immensely over the past couple of years. This has led to strong competition in the VPS market with a plethora of cheapest VPS hosting plans. That is why you need to consider many factors when choosing a VPS service. One of the important factors in that is the location of the virtual server.

Here is how the location of your VPS service affects the performance of your website or applications hosted on the platform.

Network Speed

Slow network speeds are a primary concern when the virtual server is located in a foreign country. That is because the internet traffic in that particular country will be given priority instead of offshore connections. This may lead to slow page loads and errors.

Search Rankings

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The location of the VPS also affects the search rankings of the website because search engines usually show local results first whenever a user looks for a product or service on the web. Therefore, experts recommend choosing the VPS location based on the expected source of traffic.

Support Services

Although VPS hosting does not experience downtime problems and glitches that often, it may happen in due course and require you to contact support. In such cases, if your VPS server is located in a different time zone, then you may not be able to resolve your problems quickly.

Apart from these, the location of your VPS provider will also affect its overall costs. For instance, if your VPS server is located in a country that sees high temperatures throughout the year, then the VPS provider may need to use high-end cooling machines to keep the servers at the optimal temperature. This will lead to more power consumption and may increase your bills as well.

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