Domain Maintenance Costs!

Domain Maintenance Costs!

Why Do you Need a Domain?


Why Do you Need a Domain?
The benefits of domain


The internet in IPV4 works on numerical addresses. For example, a website
might have the address of Users find it much easier to
remember than, so the concept of DNS and
Domain registration appeared. Basically, DNS establishes a link between a
registered domain and the numerical equivalent.
That is why you need a domain name. A domain establishes your web presence.
It supports your main domain, say, and other subdomains based on
that domain, say, or In short, it lets people
find you and helps establish your credibility.

How do I Register a Domain?

A domain needs to be registered with a registration record on a domain name
server. That is carried out by yourself on a registrar’s website, or you can use a
managed servicer provider like HostSailor to do it for you.


What does it cost to register a domain?

What does it cost to register a domain?

  • The cost will vary depending on where you are and who does it but is usually not
    very expensive.
  • There is a registration fee levied by the registrar you are using
    if you are doing it yourself.
  • Managed service providers will also charge a fee. In
    In some cases, they may waive the fee and carry out registration for free.




Does a Registration Need To Be Renewed?

Yes, usually annually. Again, you can carry it out yourself, or you’ve managed

the service provider will automatically do it for you and invoice you if there is a
The registrar will issue a renewal notice in advance of the renewal date, giving
details of what needs to be done, and the associated fees.


What happens If You Don’t Renew?

Very simple, the link between your domain name and the DNS entries allowing

people to find it is removed. Your website becomes unreachable. Ultimately
your domain name can be reassigned to another.

What is important with a Domain Registration?

It is very important to make sure a website has an SSL certificate. This activates
the browser padlock, showing the user it is a secure site and making sure all
traffic with the website is encrypted and secure.

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