Domain Registration Guide: Selecting a Domain Name for Your Business

Domain Registration Guide
What Makes a Domain Name So Important?
Imagine typing something like every time you had to access your favorite website. That would be a real hassle, right?

What Makes Domain Names So Important?
What Makes Domain Names So Important?

Fortunately, we don’t have to, thanks to domain names. A domain name refers to the name that represents a unique IP address of a website.

However, this description is a simplified explanation of what a domain name can actually do. As a matter of fact, it can prove to be the difference between having a sharp online presence and shrinking into nothingness in this vast cyberspace. Here are some reasons why a domain name is so important:

It Gives Credibility to Your Business

A domain name lends a professional image to your business. It is your chance to make a favorable first impression in the eyes of your customers. Since this is the first thing that visitors will notice when they visit your website, it better be good.

It Allows Mobility on the Internet

With a separate domain name, you have the flexibility to move your website to any of the different webhosts you prefer. If however, the domain name belongs to somebody else, you will have to redo all the branding efforts with a separate domain name which can prove to be very distressing.

It Portrays You as Uniquedomain name

Choosing an original domain name that fits in well with what you do can go a long way in portraying a positive company image. This unique name will define your business for the rest of its life. Make sure you choose a creative name that can take your branding efforts to the next level.

It saves You Costs

Having a website with your own unique domain name can provide incredible advertising opportunities for you. Imagine the printing and distribution costs of separate brochures and catalogues in bulk. Compare that cost with the cost of website space and you will be surprised to view the difference. Also, errors and typos are easier to correct on a digital website than on a printed page.

It Increase Your Chances of Appearing on Search Engines

You may think that having one of the keywords as a domain name would be a good idea and increase search engine visibility, but the reality is quite different. Since Google’s algorithms have become smarter with each passing day, Exact Match Domain or EMD may not be a very good idea. Choose something that clicks and leave the SEO efforts to later on.

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Exploring Types of Domains Names
When working to establish an online presence for your business, pay special attention to the domain name. Your domain will become the identity of your business.Types Of Domain Names

When a visitor arrives at your site, they want to remember it by the domain name. Hence, it should be easy but also related to your business. A domain name which is too complex, uses alternative spellings or is unrelated to your business will not get much attention.

In order to attract target audience, most business owners use particular domains. For instance, ‘.com’ is a common tail but many also use ‘.org’ to represent the scale of their work.

What’s in a domain name?

A domain is formed by two components; a top-level domain and the second-level domain. Top-level domain is what comes after the dot. For example, in the ‘.com’ part is a top-level domain while the ‘hostsailor’ part is a second-level domain.

Generally, top-level domains can be divided into two categories: Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) and Country-code Top-Level Domain Names (ccTLDs).

Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)

A number of top-level domains are popular for business today. Generic domains are ones which are three or more letters long. These are called generic because they’re not specific for a region, state or country.Generic Top-Level Domains

However, each gTLD indicates something particular about the site. Hence, your choice must depend on the purpose of your website as well as its target audience.

Most common gTLDs are:

  • .com for commercial purposes
  • .org mostly for nonprofits
  • .net for network infrastructures
  • .info for informational web pages
  • .biz for companies

These domains cover almost all fields, so you should spend some time before deciding on a domain. Pick one which matches your company’s profile the best.

While there are no restrictions regarding who can choose which domain, certain gTLDs will require extra procedures to ensure your business’ eligibility.

Country-code Top-Level Domain Names (ccTLDs)

These are country, state or region dependent names. Each country has its specific ccTLD. For instance, ‘.uk’ is for United Kingdom and ‘.de’ is for Germany. In contrast to gTLDs, ccTLDs are two lettered.

These domains are specifically used when targeting a particular group of audience. For instance, if you only cater to a local market, then choosing such a domain can help bring in these visitors. It also assists customers and other visitors as the domain portrays whether the service is available in their area or not.

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Things You Need to Know Before Registering a Domain Name (combine below blogs to create this section for the new post)
The first thing that your visitors interact with (before even taking a glimpse of your website) is the domain name.Choosing a Domain Name

Not only does a powerful and impactful domain name help you make a good first impression, it also has the ability to affect Google’s ranking.

When choosing a domain name, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make It Brandable

A domain name will always be a part of you. Instead of going for something generic, you should opt for something that’s creative and stands out.

For instance, you can come up with new words, such as Yahoo, Bing, etc. You can also come up with a mesh up. However, make sure that the name reflects your overall branding and the impression that you want to create in your viewers’ minds.

Keep It Short

When it comes to domain names, keeping them concise is a pretty good strategy. Generally, something around 6 to 14 characters will be perfect.

Make Sure It Is Easy to Type

Your domain name should not be complicated and should be easy to spell. Since users will be typing it every time to get to your website, their ease should be your top priority.

The name should be simple and easy to understand. The last thing you would want is your visitors misspelling your name and accidently being directed to some other website.

Consider Using Keywords

Having keywords in your domain name can improve your SEO standing. Since users type keywords, it might increase your chances of popping up on Google’s first page.

However, there is a caveat here. Using keywords unnaturally in the domain name will not make a good impression. Use keywords only if it blends in nicely with your overall brand image.

Choose the Right ExtensionChoose the Right Extension

When it comes to extension, .com is the best. Most websites have this extension and that makes it familiar.

If the .com extension is taken for your particular domain name, you might go with .net or .org. However, a better approach would be to come up with a new name.

Check Social Media Websites or Particular Trademarks

Before you decide on a particular domain name, you might want to check social media websites and trademarks of the particular name. This will allow you to steer clear of any legal complications that might occur in the future.

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Amongst all the challenges that come with launching a business, deciding the name of your company is the toughest one. Thus, you need to pay much attention to the name you choose.

Once you’ve decided on the name of your company, think again. You’ll be building a website for your company and your domain name should be unique and attractive enough to create an impact. Here are a few ways that’ll help you choose domain name:Domain Name

Search for Extensions

The first step in deciding a domain name is to understand the importance of getting a dot-com domain name. Dot-com domains are considered as the most credible in the industry. Do not settle for dot-info, dot-people or dot-business extensions. It’ll create a negative impact for your website. The internet has been a part of our culture for a very long time now and dot-com is what people are accustomed to.

Spelling, Pronunciation and Length

Keep these three things in mind when choosing a domain name. If you get any of these three wrong, it’ll decrease the chances of people discovering your website. It should be something that people can remember easily, something they can jot down or enter into their phone without any problems. Words with strange spellings often get confused or mixed up. If there’s a pronunciation problem, you’ll face issues in branding as well.

Pay Attention to KeywordsKeywords

Developers now keep SEO practice in mind as they create and launch their online presence. One way to get a boost is by including an important keyword in the domain name. But always remember, that you should include a keyword only if it makes sense. Also ask yourself, does the keyword encompass the most important element of your business? If you aren’t sure, then your domain name is better off without a keyword.

Originality and Branding

What makes Google, Yahoo so different and distinct today? Their originality! Our minds didn’t really have a concept of what these names meant before we ever heard them. Thus, the companies were able to easily create the image of what they meant to us from scratch. And today, Google has become a verb!

Apart from these, there are a lot of elements that go into finding the perfect domain name. Let us take care of this process for you! At HostSailor, we offer a wide collection of domain names for you to choose from. In addition to this, we also offer domain registration services for all our customers.
Your domain serves as the name and address for your online presence. If someone needs to get in touch with you, they will need your domain name to gain access. It is therefore important to select a domain name that not only goes with your business but is also catchy and easy to remember.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy when you are registering a domain name for your business.

Selecting a Domain Name

Domain Name

The domain name you select needs to be unique and one that grabs attention. When planning to register a domain name, you will have quite a few options available. The domain name registered has to comprise of alphanumeric characters and hyphens. The length can range anywhere between 2 and 67 characters.

Top Level Domain

Another factor that you will need to choose is the top level domain (TLD). This is the extension that goes after your domain name. The most common options include .com, .info, .biz, .org, etc. Most experts advise to go for .com due to its popularity.

Making the Domain Name Effective

It is important not to make the domain name too long as you will need your customers to remember it. Short and catchy names work best. They are not only easy to remember and recall and you will reduce your chances of making a typing error when you are entering one into the address bar.

Most businesses prefer to use their company name in the domain. However, these days the trend has evolved to pay more attention to keywords aimed at enhancing search engine rankings.

Registering the Domain

Once you have selected a domain name of your choice, the next step is to search for its availability. Most domain registration companies usually offer this facility for no cost on their websites.

All you need to do is to enter the domain name of your choice and the website search engine will go through databases and let you know if your selected domain name is already taken. If it is, you will need to make changes to your selection.

Once you find one, you can then get your domain registered on the website for low costs. The registration websites require you to fill a form and payment details. The registration process only takes a few minutes.

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Common Mistakes People Make When Registering a Domain Name
A domain name is a necessary but an often neglected aspect for startups. It is the online identification of your business; hence it must be user friendly, yet professional.Domain Name Mistakes

We previously discussed a few common mistakes that people make while choosing a domain name. However, we have come across a few other problems that result in an unsuccessful domain name.

Here, we review some of these mistakes, just so you do not end up selecting a name that isn’t suitable for your business:

Not thinking thoroughly before deciding

For most business owners, a domain name is the last thing they worry about. But in doing so, they give their business a name for which no domain name is available. Or, in worst case scenarios, a number of different versions of suitable domain names are available. This results in competition, and may even put you at risk of losing clients.

Tip: Research, not just domain names, but alternatives, too, to see what sites they host.

Not a match for your industry

Although giving businesses a quirky name is in fashion these days, it is just not suitable if you want a website too. Such a domain name would not be able to direct your potential customers, instead landing people who have no interest in your business. If your business and domain names are different, it will make it more obscure.

Tip: Name your business relevant to your industry and make it easier for yourself to pick an industry-relevant domain name.

Odd spelling or words with possible alternativesregister your domain

If you register your domain with a different (incorrect) spelling, such as ‘fone’ instead of phone, you put yourself at risk of extensive competition.

If another business buys a domain with the correct spelling, you might lose your customers.

Then again, there are words with different correct spellings, such as ‘color’ and ‘colour’, which also put you at the same risk.

Tip: simply avoid such words, or if you can, then buy the other possible domain as well.

Ignoring keywords or making it too limiting

The services you provide are the key to selecting your domain name. For example, if you sell pancakes, make your domain relevant. However, too often, people use words which limit their business.

Tip: If you aim to grow your business further, use industry relevant, but not too limiting domain name. For the above example, you may use something like baked goods as a domain name.

Ignoring possible trademark conflicts

Avoid any name which can possibly result in a trademark lawsuit. You do not want to waste your investment this way!

Tip: Never take risk with such a name, instead research more and choose another more fitting name.

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With millions of websites, there’s no doubt that you have limited choices when it comes to domain names. And so, you, as a business owner, might be tempted to take on any domain name that is available. And that is exactly what you’re doing wrong!Common Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing Domain Names

Today, domain names are the first thing that your potential clients notice. It impacts the memorability too. You wouldn’t want to create a bad first impression.

Avoid these errors and choose the right domain name for your business:

Long Domain Names

The longer the domain name, the more chances of forgetting the address. Keeping domain names long has a negative impact on your business. Many of your potential customers may even misspell it and not find your website. Keep your domain names short and easy to remember. One or two words are the ideal length.

Includes Numbers and Hyphens

As stated above, one or two words are ideal for a domain name, so do not include numbers and hyphens. Doing so will frustrate customers as such domain names are difficult to remember. Additionally, it is harder to communicate such domain names verbally in an accurate manner. Stick to alphabets and leave the numeric alone!

‘Creatively’ Spelled

Trying to be trendy? Don’t. When it comes to domain names, keep it simple. Picking spellings that are creative such as Flickr, Takkle etc. makes is difficult to market your business through mouth of word. Additionally, voice recognition software such as Siri etc., only understand words that are spelled correctly. Thus, your chances of being searched and visited will be reduced if you choose an overly creative domain name.

Trying to Get a Name that Matches your Business

What if you choose a domain name does not match your business? Will it have an impact on your company? Of course not. This does not mean that you choose an entirely different domain name. You can certainly skip a word or two from your actual business name for your domain name.  Think of Tesla. Their domain name isn’t Tesla, instead Thus, opt for a domain name that is short and that people can remember.

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Navigating through the world of domain names can be an overwhelming task, particularly if you are not up to speed on how to secure one. With the ever growing number of hosting service providers, it is quite easy for you to make a mistake that could ultimately cripple your business. Here are a few dos and don’ts of securing a domain name that will surely come in handy:

Do Register Yourself as the Owner of the Domain Name

Some business owners make the mistake of not checking to ensure that the person they asked to have their domain name registered did so in the owner’s name. It’s critical to ensure that you are the owner of the domain and the primary administrative contact. Consider your website as a piece of property- if you don’t own it you can’t sell it.

This is one of the most common mistakes small to medium business owners make, therefore consider rechecking who your domain name is registered to.

Don’t Use Numbers, Dashes or Abbreviations

Instead of using abbreviations or special characters, come up with a catchy name that does justice to your business, and more importantly, is easier to remember. With countless websites offering the same services, clients find it almost impossible to remember domain names unless they are simple and the perfect representation of a business.

Do Include Your Location or a Keyword in the Domain (Only If You Can)

If your business is largely based on the geographic region you can try fitting in your location into the domain name. If it seems feasible try putting in the most important keyword from your industry into the keyword. This will prove helpful by ranking your website among the top search results organically.

Don’t Waste Money on Extensions Other Than .Com

When you finally decide to conduct an available domain name search, you will be bombarded with options like .net and .co, but for most small businesses that is not really needed. You can invest in other domain extensions when protecting something like a trademark. However, always remember that the real value is in the ‘.com’.

These are a few dos and don’ts that can help you in your available domain name search. Feel free to contact us at HostSailor for any kind of domain related information today!
How to Register a Domain
With thousands of websites being developed, you want yours to stand out.Domain name

Whether you are an e-commerce store or a local online mobile shop, domain name is an important consideration when it comes to winning on the web.

When looking to register a domain name, it is important that you spend time on choosing the right name. Afterall, it will be representing your business for years to come.

We at HostSailor have outlined a 3-step approach to have the perfect domain name. Read on:

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name that Is Brand-able

Put on your creativity cap as your start search for a suitable domain name. It is an important part of your overall branding strategy.It is your chance of communicating with your audience and making an impact.

Becoming Brand-Able

Here are some ways you can make your domain name brand-able:

Make It Memorable

Opt for a domain name that will make your audience remember it the next time they visit your website.

Make It Unique

Your domain name should not be a copy of some other famous brand. Choosing a unique name will make a favorable impression in the eyes of your visitors.

Make It User-Friendly

Your domain name should be easily understandable. Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Step 2: Brainstorm and ResearchDomain name

After you know what you are looking for, the next step would be to brainstorm ideas. Take a piece of paper and list down all the ideas that come to mind. With each name, write the pros and cons.

Check If the Domain Name Is Already Taken

You might choose a particular domain name only to find out that it was already taken. To ensure that this does not happen, check the availability by performing a domain name search on

Understand your competition

Before deciding on a particular domain name, find out about your competition and the domain names that they are using. You surely do not want to have a domain name that is too similar to a competitor.

Step 3: Register a Domain Name

After you have decided on a particular domain name, which is also available, it is time to get it registered.

It is advised that you hire a reliable domain name registration service. With professional resources, they will help you with domain name registration and management.

We at HostSailor help you register domain names easily. From providing domain name options to giving customer support, we have many solutions for you.

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