5 Simple Steps to Domain Name Registration

Whether you are looking to start an online mobile phone shop or are looking to create your own blog, domain name registration is quite important before your website goes live.

Domain name is basically your addresDomain Name Registrations that helps the network identify you. It is a string of words written in the URL – your website’s address.

Since your domain name is the first point of contact between you and your customers, you want it to be unique and outstanding.

Here are 5 simple steps to having your domain name registered:

Define the Goals of Your Website

First up, it is very important to understand and define the goals and purpose of your website. For instance, the domain name considerations for a funky website will be different than a formal website.

Make sure you know exactly what the layout of your website will be before choosing a domain name.

Brainstorm Different Domain Names

Since your domain name will be staying with your website for quite a long time, you should make sure you choose the right domain name.

Brainstorm different ideas and let our creativity flow.

Here’s a quick domain name checklist:

  • It should be nice and short.
  • It should be unique and yet, relevant.
  • It should be easy to spell.
  • It should be SEO-friendly.

Search for Top-Level DomainsTop-Level Domains

You might have stumbled upon the ideal domain name, but you might not get the preferred .com domain, that is, somebody else might have taken it.

You can either opt for other top-level domains, such as .net, .org, .info, etc. or you can start looking for a new domain name (one for which .com platform is available).

The .com domain should be the preferred choice. However, you can choose others in certain situations. For instance, if your website is informative, going for .info domain can be a better option.

Register Your Domain Name

Once you have decided on a domain name, it is time to get it registered. You can hire a professional company to take care of this task.

Make sure you choose a reliable and affordable company.

Secure Your Domain Name

Finally, get your domain name locked. This will ensure that your website stays away from all kinds of dangers, such as unauthorized access or unwanted third-party transfer.

Getting your domain name locked will also protect you from accidental mistakes that you or your staff might make.

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