6 Amazing Examples of Personal Domain Names

Domain name is the address that Internet users type in the address bar at the top on web browsers.Personal Domain Names

While we can have same names here on earth; in the world of internet, it’s not possible. The whole idea is to ensure uniqueness.

A domain name is the first thing that your website’s visitors notice. Using FirstNameLastName.com can be an incredible idea. Not only will it help you build a brand identity, it will also allow you to come off as a genuine entity.

Here are 6 examples of personal domain names doing the trick:

Tara Gentile

Tara, a consultant for small businesses, uses her full name as a domain name. As you enter her website, you see a picture of her on the right and a brief description of what she can do on the left.

This makes her seem personal and at the same time a go-getter. Surely, the domain name helps with what she is trying to achieve.

Joshua Fields MillburnJoshua Fields Millburn

Joshua is a well-known, best-selling author. Since his was a personal story of struggle, the use of personal domain name was absolutely befitting.

From a gallery of his pictures to his essays and interviews, the website portrays him in a genuine and personable manner.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of the most popular names on the Internet. With a personal domain name, his website is a simple one hosted by Typepad.

He has used the minimalist structure smartly, creating a brilliant identity on the web.

Chris Guillebeau

‘Challenging authority since 1978’ – the tagline says it all. Chris Guillebeau is a non-fiction writer, blogger and speaker. With a personal touch, he resonates with his non-conformist audience – ones who are free-spirited and do not follow conventions. The personal domain name has helped him build an identity and connect.

Laura Roeder

What Laura Roeder has tried to do (successfully) through her website is to build her business around her persona.

With a personal domain name, the website contains products that she brands, videos and blogs and a wealth of other tools and resources making her stand out in her field.

Marie Forleo

Right from the time you enter her website, you see what she’s trying to do (and has achieved successfully): injecting her personality into the website.

Her website contains rich media of herself exuding confidence and passion. The personal domain name surely helps.

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