8 Interesting, and Simply Amazing Facts About Domain Names

By the time, you finish reading this blog post, 280 new domain names would have been registered — yes, just in the space of 4 minutes.Domain Names

Interesting, amazing and simply mindboggling!

Want to know more such interesting and amazing facts about domain names?

Then let’s reel the archives, get some popcorn and watch:

The Game of Domains!

It All Started with Symbolics.com

Symbolics.com was the first registered domain name on the internet. And it was long, long back – March 15, 1985 to be precise.

Yes, it even exists today. You can visit this memorable piece of Internet history by clicking here.

And the Registration was Absolutely FREE!

In fact, domain names were free to register until 1995.

The lucky “Symbolics” and all those legendary domain names—sigh!


No, we did not accidently leave the letters on our keyboard pressed, this is actually a domain name that exists.

The special thing about it is: This is the world’s longest domain name.

And that’s not all—it’s a real name of a Welsh village.

Healthier Domain Names

Every domain name has a life cycle, which is usually a maximum of ten years. After ten years, you have to get them registered again. It’s kind of taking them to a hospital and getting defibrillation. However, there are some domain names that can be registered for 20–100 years. These are healthier domain names.

When Domain Names Stirred a War

Not between two countries, but between two registrars. Not long ago, just a few years back­– when dotConnectAfrica (DCA) and ZACR, Africa’s two most popular domain registrars, fought over the ownership of “.africa” gTLD. It was only last month, in September, that the ownership of the gTLD was awarded to ZACR.

The Most Expensive Domain Name

Go on, guess the price of the most expensive domain name ever sold.

It’s $872… MILLION dollars!

Yes, the domain name Cars.com was actually sold for $872 million, making it the world’s most expensive domain name ever sold.

When Mike Mann Decided to “Own the World”

He went absolutely berserk and got registered an astonishing 14,692 domains in ONE day!

In his own words:

“I’m just really greedy; I want to own the world”


Yes, and it fell into extinction. We are talking about all those domain names that have the letter A in any succession – you can no longer register them. Because all have been taken.

What could have been the thinking behind registering a domain name that read:


And with that, we have run out of the reel—and out of popcorn.

We hope to see you at the next premiere of The Game of Domains.

Till then, stay connected!

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