Common Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing Domain Names

With millions of websites, there’s no doubt that you have limited choices when it comes to domain names. And so, you, as a business owner, might be tempted to take on any domain name that is available. And that is exactly what you’re doing wrong!Common Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing Domain Names

Today, domain names are the first thing that your potential clients notice. It impacts the memorability too. You wouldn’t want to create a bad first impression.

Avoid these errors and choose the right domain name for your business:

Long Domain Names

The longer the domain name, the more chances of forgetting the address. Keeping domain names long has a negative impact on your business. Many of your potential customers may even misspell it and not find your website. Keep your domain names short and easy to remember. One or two words are the ideal length.

Includes Numbers and Hyphens

As stated above, one or two words are ideal for a domain name, so do not include numbers and hyphens. Doing so will frustrate customers as such domain names are difficult to remember. Additionally, it is harder to communicate such domain names verbally in an accurate manner. Stick to alphabets and leave the numeric alone!

‘Creatively’ Spelled

Trying to be trendy? Don’t. When it comes to domain names, keep it simple. Picking spellings that are creative such as Flickr, Takkle etc. makes is difficult to market your business through mouth of word. Additionally, voice recognition software such as Siri etc., only understand words that are spelled correctly. Thus, your chances of being searched and visited will be reduced if you choose an overly creative domain name.

Trying to Get a Name that Matches your Business

What if you choose a domain name does not match your business? Will it have an impact on your company? Of course not. This does not mean that you choose an entirely different domain name. You can certainly skip a word or two from your actual business name for your domain name.  Think of Tesla. Their domain name isn’t Tesla, instead Thus, opt for a domain name that is short and that people can remember.

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