Does Your Domain Name Affect How Well the Website Ranks?

Website owners set off on their online ventures with high hopes, assuming they will achieve great rankings and get to the top within a few weeks. This, unfortunately is almost never the case; a fact that one soon realizes. Gaining status and reputation on the internet is far from being a breeze- it requires dedication and a lot of effort.

Competition, on the World Wide Web, is increasing at a staggering pace. Ever wonder how many websites are created every minute? An estimated 571- yes, that’s every 60 seconds! If you want your online business to prosper, it is crucial to be able to be found in the search engines. Experts say domain names should be short and easy to remember. Overly common names and phrases should be avoided when deciding on the domain name.

While the domain name is integral to the searchability and ultimately success of your online venture, there are other aspects too; the content of your website for instance. Make sure you avoid tactics like ‘keyword stuffing’ in the hopes of the search engine picking it up. Keyword stuffing is always a counter-effective approach, causing your rankings to plummet.

These reasons show why a domain name helps increase your website rankings on search engines

1.     Niche Aligning

Your domain name helps you align yourself to your target market by using a keyword or a phrase in the domain name which is targeted towards your target audience. By doing so, not only will you be ranked for that keyword but also get aligned to the entire market.

2.     Targeting Traffic

Showing up in the results of different search engines does not get your website to rank higher- getting clicked on is the ultimate goal. A domain name that shows what services or products you’ve got to offer your clients will result in more clicks and a lower bounce rate. In future searches, you would be ranked higher.

3.     Adding Credibility to Website

Domain names add credibility to the website. A domain name which shows what your company does and what it offers, will have more credibility and establish trust with your audience. Increased credibility leads to higher website rankings.

4.     Keyword Association

Keyword association is probably the best way to boost rankings on search engines. A great domain name should have a primary keyword in it. This helps you get ranked for that particular keyword in the search engine results.

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