How Your Domain Name Can Affect the SEO

A few years back, the domain name of a website could have a massive impact on its ranking on Google (the king of kings when it comes to search engines).

However, Google, being tech leader in the industry,realized that only domain names without any quality elements in the website were not a good indicator of the website’s relevance.

So now, the big question is: Do domain names still affect SEO?

A Brief History of SEOHistory of SEO

The Mayan Legend predicted that2012 would be the catastrophic end to the world as we know it. Although the world around us was intact, they might have hit the mark in some other way.

In 2012, Google made some algorithmic changes to its mechanism that shook the online world in more ways than one.

One of the changes was related to Exact Match Domains (EMD). This meant that companies used to buy a domain name that was their keyword and it was enough to give them the precious top ranking. All of this changed dramatically after the algorithm updates.

Digital Marketing Today

In recent times, SEO’s focus has shifted to high-quality content.From text to videos, the goal of online marketers is to ensure that the content of their website stands out.

Although domain names have not remained a massive force in the SEO landscape, they can still provide value.

They can:

  • Increase click-through rates
  • Inspire trust
  • Grab users’attentionin the results page
  • Give brand potential to your company

Domain Names and PPC AD Campaigns

A good domain name can enhance your paid search campaign. Apart from the bid, Google also gives importance to relevant domain names when selecting websites for the ads section.

From encouraging clicks to emphasizing the keywords by making them bold, your domain name can make you really stand out in paid searches.

Giving the Right Messagedomain name

You need to make sure that your domain name is sending off the right message. For instance, if you have chosen a long-tailed keyword as your domain name, the message you are sending is that it’s the keywords that matter to you and not building a brand by providing value.

You need to make sure that the domain name is so memorable that it enhances your branding efforts. Upon seeing this, people should want to click it.

What’s more, you should also include all the relevant keywords to your website. This way Google will learn to associate your domain name with those keywords. So when these keywords get typed, your website will have a higher chance of appearing at the top.

With a team of gurus in the online world, we at HostSailor provide efficient domain name registration services. From carrying out domain name search to coming up with creative ideas, our professionals ensure that your domain names complement your SEO efforts.

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