How Do Domain Names Work?

After typing innumerable times on our address bars, we take the incredible mechanism for granted. If you think about it, your computer screen producing your desired page in a matter of seconds is nothing short of a miracle.Domain Names

Domain Names

Every web page on the internet has an assigned IP address. This address goes something like and helps the web understand what the user is looking for.

However, the IP addresses are in no way user-friendly. The domain name was introduced as a human-friendly equivalent to the difficult and complex IP addresses.

A Bit about Domain Name System (DNS)

The domain name system or DNS is the mechanism that helps the internet achieve this feat (matching IP address with the website you are looking for).Acting like a phonebook, itsyncs IP addresses with easily understandable names.

How It Works

Here’s how the DNS works:

  • The user types in a query. As mentioned above, the goal of the DNS is to match the domain name with a corresponding IP address.
  • This query is then sent to a root server. The root servers are all around the world and are informed about the top-level domains, like .com or .org.
  • After this, the information has to reach second level domains.
  • The DNS then recognizes the IP address and sends an answer to recursive resolver.
  • Finally, the browser understands what the IP address is and we see the website appear.

The process might seem complicated, but as an internet user in the 21st century, you will attest to the fact that it takes just a blink of an eye.

Breaking down the Domain Name

Each domain name that you type in the address bar consists of a domain name and a top-level domain. For instance, in, Yahoo is the domain name and .com is the top-level domain.

Top Level DomainDomain Names

Some examples of top level domain include .com, .org and .net. People choose different top level domains based on the nature of their websites. For instance, a government website will have .gov at the end.

Country Code Top Level Domains

As the name suggest, country code top level domain is based on specific country names. For instance, websites in the UK end with, or websites in Australia can end with .au.

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