Exploring Types Of Domain Names

When working to establish an online presence for your business, pay special attention to the domain name. Your domain will become the identity of your business.Types Of Domain Names

When a visitor arrives at your site, they want to remember it by the domain name. Hence, it should be easy but also related to your business. A domain name which is too complex, uses alternative spellings or is unrelated to your business will not get much attention.

In order to attract target audience, most business owners use particular domains. For instance, ‘.com’ is a common tail but many also use ‘.org’ to represent the scale of their work.

What’s in a domain name?

A domain is formed by two components; a top-level domain and the second-level domain. Top-level domain is what comes after the dot. For example, in hostsailor.com the ‘.com’ part is a top-level domain while the ‘hostsailor’ part is a second-level domain.

Generally, top-level domains can be divided into two categories: Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) and Country-code Top-Level Domain Names (ccTLDs).

Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)

A number of top-level domains are popular for business today. Generic domains are ones which are three or more letters long. These are called generic because they’re not specific for a region, state or country.Generic Top-Level Domains

However, each gTLD indicates something particular about the site. Hence, your choice must depend on the purpose of your website as well as its target audience.

Most common gTLDs are:

  • .com for commercial purposes
  • .org mostly for nonprofits
  • .net for network infrastructures
  • .info for informational web pages
  • .biz for companies

These domains cover almost all fields, so you should spend some time before deciding on a domain. Pick one which matches your company’s profile the best.

While there are no restrictions regarding who can choose which domain, certain gTLDs will require extra procedures to ensure your business’ eligibility.

Country-code Top-Level Domain Names (ccTLDs)

These are country, state or region dependent names. Each country has its specific ccTLD. For instance, ‘.uk’ is for United Kingdom and ‘.de’ is for Germany. In contrast to gTLDs, ccTLDs are two lettered.

These domains are specifically used when targeting a particular group of audience. For instance, if you only cater to a local market, then choosing such a domain can help bring in these visitors. It also assists customers and other visitors as the domain portrays whether the service is available in their area or not.

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