Registering Domains – What should you know

Your domain serves as the name and address for your online presence. If someone needs to get in touch with you, they will need your domain name to gain access. It is therefore important to select a domain name that not only goes with your business but is also catchy and easy to remember.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy when you are registering a domain name for your business.

Selecting a Domain Name

Domain Name

The domain name you select needs to be unique and one that grabs attention. When planning to register a domain name, you will have quite a few options available. The domain name registered has to comprise of alphanumeric characters and hyphens. The length can range anywhere between 2 and 67 characters.

Top Level Domain

Another factor that you will need to choose is the top level domain (TLD). This is the extension that goes after your domain name. The most common options include .com, .info, .biz, .org, etc. Most experts advise to go for .com due to its popularity.

Making the Domain Name Effective

It is important not to make the domain name too long as you will need your customers to remember it. Short and catchy names work best. They are not only easy to remember and recall and you will reduce your chances of making a typing error when you are entering one into the address bar.

Most businesses prefer to use their company name in the domain. However, these days the trend has evolved to pay more attention to keywords aimed at enhancing search engine rankings.

Registering the Domain

Once you have selected a domain name of your choice, the next step is to search for its availability. Most domain registration companies usually offer this facility for no cost on their websites.

All you need to do is to enter the domain name of your choice and the website search engine will go through databases and let you know if your selected domain name is already taken. If it is, you will need to make changes to your selection.

Once you find one, you can then get your domain registered on the website for low costs. The registration websites require you to fill a form and payment details. The registration process only takes a few minutes.

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