Things you need to know before registering your domain name

Registering a domain name for your website is blue-chip! While some people do not take it seriously at all; the truth is that domain names are as significant as a company name, Facebook page or the website itself. Apart from bringing in traffic to your website, a good domain name makes your website memorable and top-drawer.

Nonetheless, finding the right domain name is not an easy undertaking in today’s web world. The possible domain names that you come up with are either taken or being used by other businesses. Its significance lies in the fact that business owners today are putting in greater time and effort in finding the right domain name than building or designing a website.

Here’s a list of things that you must consider before taking up website domain registration:

Customer Trust

With the introduction of a fresh and new set of domains, customers today find themselves alienated from this new trend. Online customers have grown among the existing set of domain names which they can trust unshakably. Knowing the fact that they are unaware and unfamiliar with the new set of domain names, customers tend to resist putting faith and trust in them. According to a latest study, customers are suspicious of the new domain names. Hence, businesses must design specific programs about how they can establish customer trust in their new domain name.


The three most widely popular and utilized domain names in the world are .com, .org and .net. By resorting to one or more of these domain names, you can create an ideal situation for your business. Opting for domain names that can be availed for free, such as .tk, is not an impressive move and will mark a dent your credibility in the eyes of the customers.

Generally, when customers become forgetful, they try your company’s name with these popular domain names. Furthermore, these domain names are available at such affordable rates that you can register them for as low as $11.89.

Length of the Name

While most businesses see shorter domain names as lucrative and appealing, the truth is that longer domain names have been more successful. Let’s take an example of Previously, didn’t seem to be doing too well for Overstock. This is because customers kept on typing, a domain name that Overstock didn’t own at all.

Furthermore, longer domain names can also include keywords that can give them a desirable ranking in search results. Businesses can also attain higher click-through rates with keyword enriched domains. However, if you see shorter domain names as a viable resolution, make sure that they are unambiguous and consistent.

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