Did You Validate Your Domain?

The domain name is an essential part of the website; it is the website’s sole identity. Users who want to access your website will type in the name in order to access the website. The name has to be registered through an online registrar in order to use it officially.

Think of the domain name of your website like a company’s name in an offline business; it’s just as important. The best domain names are short, easy to recall, and easy to type. The domain name needs to be unique as it is a representative of your business; it needs to reveal the purpose of your business instantly and not allow any misconceptions about it.

Validating a domain is the simple process of assuring the compatibility and stability across different browsers. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) emphasizes on the importance of validation as it avoids various issues later on related to web page rendering.

Some of the benefits that validation provides are:-

1.     Compatibility issues solved

After validation, the website becomes easily compatible with different web browsers apart from Internet Explorer (IE) and Safari; gone are the days when everyone used a select few browsers. To get the maximum number of visitors for your website, validation is important to sort out any compatibility kinks that may exist.

2.     Fewer Hacks

Hacks are pieces of code which have been tailored for one specific browser in order to render an element the same way as another browser renders it. When a website is validated, it becomes compliant to the World Wide Web Consortium’s code guidelines, which leave little room for browser specific hacks.

3.     Easier maintenance

The future maintenance of the website becomes easier after validation since you will now have a validated code. The clean code will help keep you updated with the latest browser updates and bug fixes.

4.     Browser Rendering

Having a validated code translates to a higher likelihood of the website content being displayed correctly on the browser. It is not absolutely necessary to follow the World Wide Web’s guidelines, but is recommended. Majority of the browsers are compliant with the World Wide Web consortium which makes browsers standardized, meaning if you’re validated, you’d be good to go on any browser.

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