A Few Ways how a Domain Name Makes or Breaks your Website

Amongst all the challenges that come with launching a business, deciding the name of your company is the toughest one. Thus, you need to pay much attention to the name you choose.

Once you’ve decided on the name of your company, think again. You’ll be building a website for your company and your domain name should be unique and attractive enough to create an impact. Here are a few ways that’ll help you choose domain name:Domain Name

Search for Extensions

The first step in deciding a domain name is to understand the importance of getting a dot-com domain name. Dot-com domains are considered as the most credible in the industry. Do not settle for dot-info, dot-people or dot-business extensions. It’ll create a negative impact for your website. The internet has been a part of our culture for a very long time now and dot-com is what people are accustomed to.

Spelling, Pronunciation and Length

Keep these three things in mind when choosing a domain name. If you get any of these three wrong, it’ll decrease the chances of people discovering your website. It should be something that people can remember easily, something they can jot down or enter into their phone without any problems. Words with strange spellings often get confused or mixed up. If there’s a pronunciation problem, you’ll face issues in branding as well.

Pay Attention to KeywordsKeywords

Developers now keep SEO practice in mind as they create and launch their online presence. One way to get a boost is by including an important keyword in the domain name. But always remember, that you should include a keyword only if it makes sense. Also ask yourself, does the keyword encompass the most important element of your business? If you aren’t sure, then your domain name is better off without a keyword.

Originality and Branding

What makes Google, Yahoo so different and distinct today? Their originality! Our minds didn’t really have a concept of what these names meant before we ever heard them. Thus, the companies were able to easily create the image of what they meant to us from scratch. And today, Google has become a verb!

Apart from these, there are a lot of elements that go into finding the perfect domain name. Let us take care of this process for you! At HostSailor, we offer a wide collection of domain names for you to choose from. In addition to this, we also offer domain registration services for all our customers.

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