You Are Probably Making These Domain Name Mistakes

A domain name is a necessary but an often neglected aspect for startups. It is the online identification of your business; hence it must be user friendly, yet professional.Domain Name Mistakes

We previously discussed a few common mistakes that people make while choosing a domain name. However, we have come across a few other problems that result in an unsuccessful domain name.

Here, we review some of these mistakes, just so you do not end up selecting a name that isn’t suitable for your business:

Not thinking thoroughly before deciding

For most business owners, a domain name is the last thing they worry about. But in doing so, they give their business a name for which no domain name is available. Or, in worst case scenarios, a number of different versions of suitable domain names are available. This results in competition, and may even put you at risk of losing clients.

Tip: Research, not just domain names, but alternatives, too, to see what sites they host.

Not a match for your industry

Although giving businesses a quirky name is in fashion these days, it is just not suitable if you want a website too. Such a domain name would not be able to direct your potential customers, instead landing people who have no interest in your business. If your business and domain names are different, it will make it more obscure.

Tip: Name your business relevant to your industry and make it easier for yourself to pick an industry-relevant domain name.

Odd spelling or words with possible alternativesregister your domain

If you register your domain with a different (incorrect) spelling, such as ‘fone’ instead of phone, you put yourself at risk of extensive competition.

If another business buys a domain with the correct spelling, you might lose your customers.

Then again, there are words with different correct spellings, such as ‘color’ and ‘colour’, which also put you at the same risk.

Tip: simply avoid such words, or if you can, then buy the other possible domain as well.

Ignoring keywords or making it too limiting

The services you provide are the key to selecting your domain name. For example, if you sell pancakes, make your domain relevant. However, too often, people use words which limit their business.

Tip: If you aim to grow your business further, use industry relevant, but not too limiting domain name. For the above example, you may use something like baked goods as a domain name.

Ignoring possible trademark conflicts

Avoid any name which can possibly result in a trademark lawsuit. You do not want to waste your investment this way!

Tip: Never take risk with such a name, instead research more and choose another more fitting name.

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