Does Downtime Really Hurt Your Business As Bad As They Say?

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Website Downtime Impacts

Every company which operates online faces this issue at one point or the other, with 100% uptime being almost a myth. When downtime strikes, your business communications and operations grind to a halt, hurting your business in more ways than you may have thought possible.

Keeping the business website up and running at all times is crucial for the survival of your business. In order to understand the importance of minimizing website downtime, it is important to understand exactly how downtime impacts your business.

1.     Business Profits

Loss of business profits is inevitable in case of downtime. As long as the website is down, users will not be able to access it; and you lose any sales that would otherwise have been made during that period. Imagine being a victim of downtime during the peak sales hour? It would be disastrous for your bottom-line.

2.     Tarnished Brand Reputation

The clients today are using social media websites to voice their frustrations; negative word of mouth is going to hurt your brand. A customer who paid for a product on your website but received no confirmation as your website began experiencing downtime just then, may very well share his bad experience on Twitter or Facebook for all to see.

3.     Dissatisfied Customers

With the speed and ease that services are available at our fingertips today, customer patience, when buying online, has taken a hit. No longer do people have the patience or the time to wait for a website to recover from downtime. Why would they, when they can simply log on to a competitors website and begin to shop from there, all in mere seconds! You may just have lost them permanently due to downtime.

4.     Loss in Productivity

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Loss In Productivity

Website downtime not only affects externally but internally too. It could have directly impact employee productivity. An enterprise which is based solely around the website may face major loss in productivity due to the website server being down.

5.     Extra Costs Incurred

When you’re facing downtime, recovery, repair and compensatory costs have to be met in order to maintain the company’s reputation and get clients on board again. To fix the website and get it running again, the business would also have to incur additional costs such as providing discounts to disgruntled customers.

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