Explore the Benefits of Using A Linux VPS


Just like Microsoft’s Windows, Linux is an operating system. The open-source operating system (with a Penguin cartoon logo) has become quite a popular option among business owners.Linux VPS

With its user-friendly interface, Windows-based servers have remained a go-to choice for web hosting. However for a growing business, using Linux VPS may prove to be a very smart decision. Here are some reasons why:

More Security

It should be remembered that no operating system is safe from external threats. Surely, Windows is the more popular option and therefore, hackers and virus propagators focus more on Windows-based platforms. This is a blessing in disguise for Linux users.

Also, Linux is created on an entirely different architecture than Windows and this keeps the damage done to minimum. In Windows, system-wide access is given to all users by default; whereas, that’s not the case in Linux VPS. This implies that a security breach on the former will cause system-wide damage, but on the latter, it will just be a matter of local files of one system being damaged.

Better Flexibility

Being an open-source platform, Linux VPS offers businesses more flexibility than its counterparts. It gives programmers a chance to work with it and devise solutions that were not built into it. It may be difficult to imagine this after always working with a closed platform, but Linux VPS offers adaptation to its code.

Lower Costs

Linux VPS cuts down a business’s expenses to some degree. As Linux is an open-source operating system, it does not require any licensing or distribution charges.

Moreover, it saves costs by being compatible with free PHP software like WordPress. This makes it one of the most affordable options.open source platform

Better Stability

With minimum of service interruptions, Linux VPN offers better stability. Windows users will attest to the fact that it requires reboot with even minor problems. One the other hand, Linux can be easily set-up without any need of being rebooted for years. Moreover, it can be further configured and optimized to perform even better.

More Speed

With a Linux VPS, you get faster speed across all your systems. The reason for this is that Linux is efficient and can handle higher loads and multiple processes with incredible deftness. Moreover, its speed does not degrade over time and remains as superb as the day it was set-up.

We at HostSailor provide businesses a chance to optimize their operations. From KVM VPS hosting to XEN Virtual Private Server, our services include many Linux-based hosting solutions.

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