Exploring What Netherlands Based Xen Virtual Private Servers Offer

Startups and established businesses, all want their websites to have the best possible uptime, so that it is easily available for customers. Business managers understand how important it is to have a fully functional website.Xen virtual private servers

This is possible because of the range of hosting options, now available to meet the specific needs of businesses. Yet, you must have knowledge about all of these hosting options to be able to choose the best one.

To help you in this regard, we’ll start the discussion with Xen-based VPS.

So, what is Xen VPS?

In terms of hardware, it is similar to any other type of server. However, the difference lies in the server’s configuration.

One server is partitioned to offer several individual Xen virtual servers. Each of these servers has an independent operating system; however, it shares resources with other Xen servers.

Xen VPS, like other VPS solutions, is a mix of shared and dedicated hosting. Even though an account holder will share the server with others, they’re only privy to their own allocated server.

Are there benefits to opting for Xen VPS solutions?Xen VPS solutions

Yes, it is especially beneficial for those who are expanding their business further, or for other reasons, want dedicated servers. Considering that dedicated hosting may be more costly, VPS can offer similar benefits.

  • Cost – So, the first advantage is that Xen VPS servers are more affordable and offer virtually dedicated servers. These servers are more secure and cost-effective.
  • Scalability – The best part is that the resources can be allocated according to your individual requirements. If at any time you need to scale-up, your account can be configured to allow more resources. Similarly, although rare, if you want to scale back a little, that can be done too.
  • Control and customization – With Xen VPs, you can customize the server as per your needs. You get much more control over the configurations than you would from shared hosting.

Xen VPS packages

At HostSailor, you can find a number of suitable packages for your business needs. Starting from only $3.99/month, you can choose a package which offers the best storage for your hosting needs.

If you’re interested in our Xen packages, here’s where you can find more information. Our excellent Netherland VPS solutions are sure to boost your business’s productivity. Call now for more information at +971 455 77 845 or contact us online.

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