How To Find The Best Web Hosting Provider For My Website?

hosting provider

Finding The Best Web Hosting Provider

hosting provider

Your website should be hosted on the internet for your site to be live. A web hosting provider can do this. But remember,  selecting a good web hosting service provider for your site is very much vital. Read ahead to know what exactly web hosting providers do and how to find the best web hosting provider for your site.

What Does A Web Hosting Provider Do?

The primary job of a web hosting provider is to get your site online. For this, a hosting service provider will provide you the following things.

Domain name

The domain name is the address of your website. The hosting service provider will allow you to select a domain name for your site and will notify you if the name is already taken.

Hosting Server

The hosting server is the computer that hosts your site live. The server will be responsible for supporting the web traffic to your site. The hosting service provider will host your site on their server so that visitors will be able to access the site via the internet.

Storage Space

Your site will have videos, text, images, and other types of media files together with the code. Your web hosting provider will offer you a dedicated space where you will be able to store all the media files and codes of your site.
These are the basic things offered by every web hosting provider. The domain name is like the street address, the server is like the home where you live and people can come to visit, and storage space is like the room or a wardrobe where you can store the files. Apart from these basic functionalities, hosting providers can also offer additional functionalities. These different features are discussed in the next section to help you decide on the hosting plan suitable for your site.

How To Select The Hosting Plan That Is Perfect For Your Site?

Your hosting service provider can offer you many options like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, private hosting, Single SSL, Wildcard SSL, Windows VPS hosting, Linux hosting, etc. these technical terms can be confusing making it difficult for you to choose the hosting plan that is most suitable for your website. Worry not, we can help you make important decisions when selecting a web hosting plan.

What Type Of Web Hosting Do You Need For Your Site?

Your hosting service provider will provide a server to host your site, but you will need to decide on the type of server for your site. The most common server types are shared server and virtual private server. In shared hosting, your website will share the server space with other websites, and server resources like memory, processor, and storage space will be shared with other sites hosted on the same server. This is the most affordable option and can be suitable if your site does not have many visitors.
In the case of VPS hosting, your site resides in the same server as many other sites, however, in an isolated setting. You will have dedicated memory, storage space, and processing power that other sites on the server cannot use. This type of hosting can be suitable if you anticipate much traffic to your site.

What Type Of SSL Certificate Do You Need?

hosting server

SSL certificate will encrypt the visitor data and the data of your site to ensure that no outside hacker can steal it. This is especially helpful for websites that need customers to enter sensitive details like credit card numbers, email, and home addresses, etc. SSL certificates are of two types, normal SSL and Wildcard SSL. A wildcard SSL will allow you to secure many websites and the normal one will let you secure a single site. If you have many websites, you can go for a Wildcard SSL certificate.

What Resources Do You Need?

Finding the resources you need is the final thing to do while choosing a hosting plan. For this, you need to find:
• The number of professional email addresses that you need, which ends with
• The amount of storage needed for your site. This will largely depend on the media elements on your site.
• The amount of bandwidth required for your site. The traffic to your site determines it. If the traffic to your site is high, you will need more bandwidth.
Choosing a web hosting service is not that difficult. All you need to do is to understand your requirements. Next, ensure that your web hosting service provider understands them too.

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