Free Server Management Tools

Free Server Management Tools

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We have prepared a list of frequently needed free server management tools for you. We are sure you will find them practical and handy when you are managing your servers.

1. Password Generator

It’s never been so easy to generate a random password that is hard to break. To ensure your server is well protected with a strong password, it’s recommended that each password of reasonable length should be made of at least a good combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special symbols. With our secure password generator, you can easily define the length of the password, as well as what combination you would like to have in a few clicks, what you get is a unique and strong password.

2. A series of handy IP converters

With a series of handy IP calculators we provide:

Subnet IPv4 Address Converter
Subnet IPv6 Address Converter
IPv4 Address Converter

you can convert your subnet IPv4/IPv6, IPv4 address into all different formats you may need.

3. Mac Address Converter

Just enter the Mac Address of the device of your interest, you can convert the Mac address in different formats (EUI-48, EUI-64), as well as the device OUI information and its link local IPv6 address.

4. Unix time converter

We also provide a very convenient Unix time converter, you only need to enter the unix timestamp, you can easily convert it to normal date in any format in the timezone you have chosen.

5. Image to Doc Converter and Doc to Image Converter

With these two converters we provide, you can convert image to pdf or pdf to image file effortlessly.

6. What is my IP?

Mac Address Converter
Server Management Tools

Very often, you want to know what my IP address without remembering how to do it. With one of our free tools “What is my IP”, you can easily find your IP address by simply load our Tools page and click “What is my IP?”.

7. DNS Calculator

With calculator, you can calculate the IP addresses linked to any domain you would like to find out more.

8. Traceroute

Using our tool called Traceroute, you can quickly run network tests such as traceroute to any IP address or domain on our site.

Enjoy! If you have any questions concerning these free tools, please feel free to contact our LiveChat agents by visiting

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