How to gain a healthy website? – 2021 strategy

characters rebuilding a healthy website

characters rebuilding a healthy website



Having a healthy website needs a proper strategy- Set yours with us


Remember, a website is a gateway to your organisation, and it will set the tone for customer interactions with yours.  You need to set a strategy for gaining a healthy website that makes your own a unique example against your competitors. Don’t worry, you are in full control.

You might have been thinking that a problem with having a healthy website is that a Hosting Provider can’t provide the resources you need.  We can help.  Please read “How To Find The Best Web Hosting Provider For My Website?”.  We can also assist by providing solutions to other concerns. Read on..


What is a Healthy Website?


A simple definition of a healthy website is a site that provides the information that the user wants simply and clearly.  It is easy to use and loads quickly.   To a site manager, it is one that, in addition to user satisfaction, provides a high ranking score for search engines, excellent forward and backward links, and monitoring information. Of course,  you want to get how healthy is your website? To set your goals and be in class business. and seek for optimizing your web hosting, firstly Find out what you need below.


How to create and maintain a healthy website?

A question "Keep services In-House or Outsource?"

Keep services In-House or Outsource?


The first step in creating a strategy in developing a healthy website is to decide whether to host it yourself on your  infrastructure or outsource hosting to a Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) like

HostSailor. Remember you need to keep your existing operations up and running, and this has resource implications as you develop your new website.

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular for operational and financial reasons:


  • It passes the responsibility for supply and management of any new infrastructure to a third-party at a fixed price;
  • It reduces the pressure on the capital expense needed. Capex can become Opex, funded from ongoing operations. In some jurisdictions, there may also be tax advantages.
  • It reduces the pressure on your staff. Existing operations are managed by the MSP, leaving your staff to concentrate on development and skills acquisition. In some cases, it allows for staff reductions and the consequent cost savings.
  • Cost savings by not needing permanent or temporary new hires



Assuming that you are taking the outsourcing route with an MSP, the elements of the strategy will include at least three and perhaps four steps.


 Get a healthy website in 4 easy steps



  • Define Your Objectives and Targets

The first step is to define the goals you want to achieve with the healthy website, and what you need to reach those goals. There are millions of websites globally, and you need to stand out. In sales speak you need to grab the potential customers attention, hit their hot buttons, and make them want to buy your stuff. Be aware, there is no magic formula for this.


Research into the potential market and customer demographics allows you to define a target market and see what your competition is up to. This tactic will help you with optimizing your Website to Drive More Traffic.


  • Choose Your MSP

The selection of an MSP should follow a structured path. Write down what you need from an MSP. It can be useful to classify your needs as mandatory, good-to-have, and nice-to-have. The evaluation of a potential MSP means rating each candidate against your list and selecting the one that meets all the mandatory criteria, most of the good-to-haves and some of the nice-to-haves.


Finally, disaster planning. Losing your online presence is business threatening and could be fatal. With the best will in the world, all MSPs have outages, and your MSP will be the target of malicious hack attacks. You need to be sure that the MSP has excellent malware and attack defences and backup plans to continue operations in the event of a prolonged outage.


Select an MSP that provides a comprehensive range of services, infrastructural, technical and support.  One that has a reputation for perfect hosting will go a long way to your achieving your goals.

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  • Review and Create an Implementation Plan

Write down your proposed approach and review it with your MSP to identify the services they need to provide to implement your healthy website strategy.


  • An Internal Company Review

Identify the changes in your operational business procedures needed to work with a mainly online presence.



Your guide to an integrated and distinctive websiteA sentence "Your guide to an integrated and distinctive website" with a background


         The website design


The website needs to be easy-on-the-eye and hold the attention of readers. It needs to be easy to navigate and especially, easy to pay. The best design technique currently is “Design Thinking”, an interactive and iterative approach combining technical experts, your MSP, your users and customers.

Some technical aspects need to be included in the design, and this is where technical expertise provided by the MSP can help. For example, off and on-page Search Engine Optimisation and link building built into the design will help search engines find your website and put it at the top of search results.

Another critical aspect to be discussed with your MSP is web security, especially the security of customers’ payment information. Customers have a natural concern about it, and your MSP needs to be involved in creating a safe environment for them.


       ☑  Develop and promote your website


This is again a decision between in-house or outsource. If you feel that your staff have sufficient skills and experience to develop the website according to the design, then in-house. Alternatively, outsource the development work. Outsourcing it to your MSP is a good choice. One benefit is that it eases the integration of the website security with the overall MSP security.

Creating a temporary website as a stopgap measure is feasible and is useful in keeping your name out there.   Enlisting the help of your MSP will remove the need to hire expensive contractors and new staff while developing and implementing the new e-commerce facility.




A healthy website is essential in today’s increasingly online world.  An MSP can ease the pain of a transition to an online presence. Their experience in similar projects can help you plan and execute your strategy. They can reduce costs by providing operational infrastructure and resources to help to establish and maintain your healthy website


Contact us for a discussion about how we can help.





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