Get 2 Months Free On Flexible VPS- Use The Coupon NOW!

Get 2 Months Free On Flexible VPS

Powerful VPS- Get 2 Months Free On Annual Plans 

Using VPS hosting now has become more popular than ever due to its affordable cost and high performance, the thing that made many users choose it over shared hosting. Therefore, hostsailor is offering 2 months free on flexible VPS options when you purchase annual subscriptions.


Powerful VPS- Get 2 Months Free On Annual Plans 
Use The Coupon NOW!

What is VPS stands for?

VPS stands for a virtual private server, a virtual operating system residing within a physical server. Using the virtualization technology, the VPS allocates dedicated resources to every website hosted on the server. In other words, using VPS allows users to get the benefits of dedicated server hosting while they are on a shared server which can have a great impact on both performance and affordability. 

At hostsailor, we make sure that our mission is achieved by providing cost-effective, high-performance, secure, and reliable web hosting solutions. That’s why we offer 2 months free on flexible VPS plans which can fit the needs of everyone.


What to look for when you choose your VPS provider?



Making sure that the data on your website is secure is of the highest priority, especially if you have an e-store where you collect sensitive information from your customers like their addresses and credit card information. At we make sure that you get the security level you need for your website.


Accidents happen, and the last thing you want to lose on the occasion of outages is your website’s data. Therefore, you have to make sure that your VPS hosting provider is performing automated backups and can restore the latest version of your website easily. We, at, keep backups for OpenVZ every week, while we keep monthly backups for Xen and KVM VPS servers.


One of the main key points, of running a successful business, is to decrease your costs and increase your revenues. Therefore, when you hire a VPS, you need to make sure that you are getting the most value for your money. With, you can get 2 months free on flexible VPS annual plans.

Tech support

When you build your website, you might need some help from time to time. That’s why our professional tech support team is there for you around the clock. 


The ability to scale up your hosting options without causing any interruptions to your website is of high importance. Your VPS hosting provider should have teams with sufficient experience and knowledge to be able to perform this process as smoothly as possible.


Why choose VPS services?

  • Our 24/7 tech support team is ready to happily assist you.
  • We offer variable cost-effective VPS plans for all needs.
  • You can get 2 months free on flexible VPS annual plans.
  • Our Virtual Private Servers are located in the Netherlands for high performance.
  • Ability to easily scale up your VPS to meet your growing business demands.
  • Optimal security for your server.
  • Enjoy a variety of storage options with our VPS plans wide range.
  • Automated backups to secure your data.



Our VPS plans

Hostsailor VPS plans
Choose The Best Option For You
 provides its clients with a variety of high-speed and cost-effective VPS plans with different virtualization technologies. Now you can enjoy 2 months free on flexible VPS annual plans.

XEN VPS can help you use VPS using XEN virtualization with highly affordable pricing which starts from 2.99$ only per month. Enjoy using the highly versatile XEN VPS without being tied to using a specific OS, also you will start feeling reassured about your website data because XEN VPS offers persistent backups without affecting your server’s performance.




OpenVZ VPS by is the best option for users who feel comfortable with using LINUX. With a variety of plans starting from only 1.99$ per month, you get access to one of the most secure and stable VPS hosting services.

Also, you can enjoy using more powerful and higher speed VPS by using OpenVZ SSD VPS with monthly plans starting from 2.99$ only.

Linux KVM VPS Hosting

Supported by RedHat, KVM VPS became one of the most popular hosting solutions. can help you get a high-performing, secure, and fast Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) with scalable plans starting from only 35.88$ per year.


Pay for your VPS with Bitcoin provides you with the option of using Bitcoin to pay for your VPS which can help you avoid any hassles that come up while using other payment options. Pay for your VPS in a secure anonymous way and enjoy our payment flexibility.




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