How to host a web service host locally for testing?

how to host a web service host for hosting

how to host a web service host for hosting most organisations developing and hosting websites do so in the traditional development, test, and production environments. VPS hosting is an ideal platform for setting up that development environment. VPS hosting is simply an environment that supports virtual servers sharing the same physical server. Three virtual servers provide separation between the three states and allow development and testing to continue in a controlled local environment without disturbing each other and the production environment. Read on to get more about the local website and How to host a web service host locally..


What is a Local Website?

A local website is one that is available on a private network, such as a company or campus network. It is accessible to users using the same private network but is not available externally on the Internet.


What Kind of Website is a Local Website?

Local websites carry information that is relevant to the local community. That may be departmental information, company project information, and at a user level, clubs and society information, perhaps even departmental blogs, and chat rooms.

Some organisations use an internal website to host company reference documentation like policies and procedures, “How to” guides, and other information. Others use them as a vehicle to support internal workflow applications.


Why Host it Locally?


If it is an internal website, then obviously it will be hosted on a server attached to the local network. It could also be a developmental version of a new company website, maintained internally for development and approval before being deployed to the Internet.

Essentially it is a website that an organization does not want publicly visible, but available to internal users.


How to Start a Local Website?


how to host a web service host for hosting


There are three basic steps:

  • Set up the VPS environment and create three virtual servers. Two, if you want to have the development and test environments on the same server.
  • Develop the website in the development environment, then copy it to the test environment for testing.
  • Copy the finally accepted website to the Production environment.

If the website is a local website, it should have an IP address within the local address range. An externally accessible website will need to have a proper domain allocated with a DNS record.


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