How Businesses Can Benefit from Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is by far the world’s most trusted and most used Content Management System (CMS). If numbers posted by World Wide Web Technology Surveys are to be believed then the site makes up for more than 29.2% of the CMS industry!

Because of its immense popularity, many businesses have turned to the site to showcase their inventory and hopefully attract new customers. Unfortunately, not all business owners have the time or the manpower needed to run a successful WordPress blog.

This is where managed WordPress hosting comes into play. When you hand a trusted third party the reigns of your online blog, they can help bring in thousands to millions of clicks every month! Here’s how your business stands to benefit from managed WordPress hosting.

1. Speed:

It’s an open secret that the faster your site runs, the more chances it has of turning potential clients into regular customers. The biggest selling point of managed WordPress hosting is the fact that it guarantees a lot of speed. The web server hosting your WordPress blog has been optimized to run such websites and can therefore run your online store without any hiccups!

Furthermore, when a client visits your online store, you want them to focus on your product and not the server. A laggy and slow server distracts your clients and puts them off from using your services again!

2. Security:

According to the numbers posted by ManageWP, 74.6 million websites (74,652,825 to be exact) depend on WordPress! A key contributor to that number is the fact that WordPress is incredibly reliable and secure.

All managed WordPress hosts work tirelessly to ensure that your online stores are as secure as they can be. That includes removing spam comments from your product pages and removing broken links that take away from the experience of using your website.

3. Scale:

As your clientele increases and more and more people become interested in your products, they will visit your webpage more. If your server can’t accommodate these new visitors, it will come crashing down, as will your reputation and brand image!

Managed WordPress hosting companies make sure that your website can always handle the influx of visitors and by scaling your website to match your traffic. This ensures that no matter how many hits you get, you can always serve them simultaneously and without any delay or interruption!

4. Support:

Not everyone who runs a business is a tech wizard, in fact many business owners can’t tell their RAM from their hard drive! This is why customer support is an important part of their decision making process.

This is where customer support comes into play. Employees of managed hosting companies can fix every major and minor WordPress related issue. Furthermore, they also provide 24/7 support so that the website owners are always well informed of the problems and can communicate with tech experts in real time!

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