Choosing The Right Dedicated Server For Hosting

Finding the best dedicated hosting server is next to impossible. Finding one that works best for your business is relatively easier.

dedicated hosting server
dedicated hosting server

When looking for an affordable, yet efficient hosting solution, make sure to look at all the important aspects. What are those? People often choose a plan based on the upfront cost which often proves to be the wrong decision.

A well researched choice will serve you in the long term. And, don’t worry about the complexity—we’re here to make things easy! Here are three key aspects to consider:

1.     Technology

The technology requirements will partially dictate your server choice. For instance, the operating system must match your requirements. For MS SQL server, you need Windows based dedicated server; for open source stacks, Linux is essential.

Furthermore, you might need plenty of RAM, if the architecture is based on Java, Window or Ruby; these are all power hungry systems. You will also need high bandwidth and uplink speed to host heavy images, videos and other digital media.

With dedicated servers, maintenance and management falls on you. You can choose managed services if you lack time or technical expertise or both to manage the server. We offer managed dedicated solutions with continuous support.

Quality and consistency of network is another important feature. With HostSailor, you will enjoy a guaranteed 99.9% uptime!

2.     Budget

Both upfront and associated costs matter. Check the monthly traffic, setup fee, software licensing fee, price for future upgrades and add-ons, and management plans. Some providers offer a low upfront cost but charge a huge sum for setup and licensing.

At HostSailor, we make sure you receive reliable services at reasonable prices. Our managed dedicated hosting packages offer unique features, such as unmetered traffic.

When shopping for a reliable hosting solution, don’t overlook scalability costs, potential downtime costs, staff training requirement, and backup and recovery. Once you have an estimate ready, compare the costs to find the best server.

3.     Business needs

Sometimes, selected businesses have unique needs which must be met. For instance, ecommerce sites require secure access to servers as well as integrated data.

You may also want to be secured against DDoS attacks. HostSailor offers free 20Gbps DDoS protection as part of packages hosted on our Romania servers.

For those hosted through Netherlands servers, the same is available as an add-on. Hence, whichever package you choose, you are protected against bogus traffic.

High availability, scalability and email services are other features.

Once you’ve listed all your technological, business and budgeting requirements, you’re ready to find the best dedicated server. With HostSailor, you can choose from HP Servers (Netherlands), Dell Servers (Netherlands) and Supermicro Servers (Romania).

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