Comparing VPS And Dedicated Hosting: Which One Do You Need?

Hosting servers provide three common options: shared, dedicated and virtual server hosting. While shared servers may seem like a good starting point for some businesses, the lack of control and vulnerability to security risks make them less lucrative.Comparing VPS And Dedicated Hosting

The choice is often between virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated hosting. Both these servers have positive points, so the option you choose depends on your requirements. Mostly, it comes down to three essential aspects; hardware, software and budget.

If you’re still unsure about these two services, we can help you make the correct choice.

1.     Hardware

With VPS, you will be sharing server hardware with a few other users. However, you will have a virtually dedicated plan which works similar to dedicated hosting. You can easily restart services, modify server files and even create multiple user hosting accounts.

In dedicated plans, you have all resources to yourself. All the hardware specs including CPU, data transfer and RAM are yours to play with. This gives a user more flexibility with setups. You can also add extra storage and protection with an additional fee.

2.     Softwarededicated hosting

In terms of software, VPS gives you more options. You can install whichever software you want. But keep a track of the resources you’re using. Otherwise, you may start pulling other users’ resources. This will slow down your performance. Also, pulling too much of others’ resources can get you suspended.

With dedicated hosting, you don’t have to worry about pulling other’s resources. In fact, you can download as many software as you want. Of course, it all comes down to space availability, but you can always get more storage. A high resource plan won’t affect any other business, except your clients if you’re managing any.

3.     Budget

VPS hosting brings the best of both worlds. The hardware and software freedom you get with a VPS plan is comparable to that of dedicated hosting. On the other hand, their price is competitive for shared servers. This makes VPS a high performance, budget friendly option.

Dedicated hosting plans cost more than shared and VPS plans. However, they also give more flexibility and control to the user. You get your own server and better specifications. Plus, you can alter things any time you want.

For a growing business, we will recommend Open VZ, Xen and KVM Linux VPS hosting. These plans start at just $1.99! Established businesses will profit from our managed dedicated solutions offered through Netherlands and Romania servers. Get started now!

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